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A Juicy Pair

Somewhere in the 1950s; feel free to fill in the blanks. View full size.

Somewhere in the 1950s; feel free to fill in the blanks. View full size.

On Shorpy:
Today’s Top 5

Producing Produce

"Nice tomatoes."

"No, these are grapefruit."

Well, well, my dear,

You certainly know how to get an old man's tie in a twist!


Thank heavens testicular cancer examinations aren't what they used to be!

No, no

COCONUTS. I said you've a lovely bunch of coconuts.


His - trousers - are - CRISP !


"I don't know what I'm going to do if my other one swells up like this!"

My Aunt

This was taken in 1955. The lovely young lady is my aunt, Phyllis MacKenzie, who was Miss Ruby Red of that same year. It was a promotion created by the Texas Grapefruit Growers Association to create publicity for their product. The man is Ogden White, president of the TGGA. Aunt Phyllis, and her court, went on a tour of the country in the fall and winter of '55. They had a basketball team named the Ruby Reds, thus explaining the outfit she is wearing in the photo. They gave exhibitions, kind of like the Harlem Globetrotters, against local female pickup teams. If you believe any of this, let's talk about that beautiful bridge in Brooklyn for sale!

Nice Mocs

I won't make an obvious comment except to say that those look like Minnetonka moccassins. They are still around and come in and out of fashion. Wore them in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. I had white pairs, tan leather and suede ones. Great shoes.

Getting Ahead

Jaunty hat!

Mine's better than yours

The orchardist and the bobby-soxer.

It's completely safe.

"This will be the new shape and size after the augmentation procedure."

"Out of dress code again!"

"Miss Caruthers, You know, of course, that mocassins violate the school dress code. You'll have to see me after school for Detention."

Who's On First Base?

He may have one in his hand, but he's thinking only about six right now.

Not me

I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot whatchamacallit.

No, no, I can't

It's just too easy. But let me guess on the location. Moccasins + grapefruit=Arizona?

Well, Dr. Smith

"I know you wanted me to add the fifth grapefruit to the halftime juggling act, but SIX!?"

Why yes, I DO like to go motorboating!

Why do you ask?

So many comments I could make

But I won't. I'll be a good boy.

Begging to be farked

OK, Farkers, you know what to do -- get to work! And may the best Fark win.

I'd like to try, but words fail me on this one. I'll just sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

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