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The Party: 1950s

Hamilton, Ontario. Name your pleasure and stow that camera. View full size.

Hamilton, Ontario. Name your pleasure and stow that camera. View full size.

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Best pose ever.

That's how I'm gonna stand from now on. The girls are gonna flock around me!


From the unpublished archives of Diane Arbus from the looks of it.


You can see by the stack of whatever on the drivers seat, that the man on the dock is the captain. Ah, beers and boating.


Looks like something from a David Lynch movie!!


Apple concentrate and rose oil.

Seasonal access

Note the two unused docks in the background, upside down showing their oil-drum floats.

A Bizzare Photo

... but it's fascinating! I too had forgotten those bean-bag ashtrays. My aunt seemed to always have one in her hand - the oppisite from where she kept her enternally burning cigarette was held. Are they still made? As for the man, he seems to be doing alright for himself despite his dwarfism. He's obvious enjoying himself! This photo fills my mind with questions and I love to find photos that do this. My biggest question is why is he in that stance? And who took the photo? And as the other poster pointed out - what is in those toxic waste looking barrels? My guess is that it's baot fuel - In the 50's people would sit on a barrel of gasoline and fire up a smoke.

He's a better man than I

Even with those butt-ugly swimming trunks he's wearing he still has *two* babes in his boat! I salute you, sir.

We're on a mission from God

It's 106 miles to Toronto, we got a full tank of gas, a cooler of beer and Little Guy's drivin'.

Hit it.


the Coke cooler!


I'm thinking Dali could have taken this and made something out of it.

"During his lifetime"

He looks about, what, forty? Maybe younger. And how are we sure this is even fifty years ago? The boat looks late '50s, but give or take six or seven years. How are we so sure this guy isn't still around?


He's a short person, not a circus clown. He probably had enough comments about his size during his lifetime, let alone having them made now.

Cocky guy.

In more ways than one.

It's a sign

When you see a dwarf in a plaid diaper, you just know things aren't going to end well.

Love the expression on his face

Fuhgetaboutit, eh?

Reality TV

MTV's newest spinoff: Munchkinland Shores

["Jersey Shorty" - Dave]


I'd totally forgotten about those weighted ashtrays. Very handy items if you smoked. I'll bet it was red tartan.

And that Coke cooler is worth a mint now.

All the ingredients for a good time

One dwarf, two girls, a cooler of Coca-Cola and a few barrels of toxic waste. Party on!

Just a tad of the Fellini influence here!

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