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Fort Johnson: 1865

Fort Johnson: 1865

A Civil War photograph from 1865 of Fort Johnson on Morris Island near Charleston, South Carolina. View full size | Closeup of the crates. Wet collodion glass plate, half of stereo pair. Note the tent with a brick fireplace.


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Size of the cannon shot

These "cannon balls" or shot are typical of howitzers used in forts or garrisons. Looking at the bricks supporting the frame of the rack of shot, they appear to be of a common size of 8 x 4 x 2 1/2 inches and the shot above them are close in size. I would safely say they are 8" shot and according to armament manuals of the time they weigh in at 65 pounds each.
Shot is different than shells as they are solid cast iron, where shells are generally hollow and filled with small shot or powder with fuze holes and lifting indents.

Old Glory

Civil War? Why is it refered to as the civil war ,what was civil about it? I refer to it as the war between the states.I had a grandfather who died in Andersonville prison.Does anyone have any pictures of Andersonville?

If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything.
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George F asked how much they might weigh. I found a comment in a Civil War book that a cannonball for a 15-inch Dahlgren gun weighed 300 pounds. Does anyone care to guess the diameter of these? Thanks for another nice photo.

Joe Thompson ;0)


I'm really amazed at the clarity of the picture, also at the size of those cannonballs, any guess how much each weighed?

Fantastic picture

Great picture. Great detail.

Ft Johnson Flag

The flag's at the top of the wooden mast. There's a metal pole stuck in the top of it.

to Ron

Good eye Ron

Fort Johnson

I am just guessing and correct me if I am wrong, this shot was taken on or shortly after April 15, 1865. Here is why, This was a confederate fort until they left it in 1865, we see a Union flag flying, also it is flying half mast which could have been 4/15/65 the day Lincoln died.

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