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Fiesta Class: 1930s

Fiesta Class: 1930s

I'm going to say this is the 1930s as this negative was rather large (the large ones typically being older). It's also probably San Diego. This picture goes along the same lines as a previous one I've posted. View full size

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Fistful of Dollars

Could that be Clint Eastwood standing alone in the serape?

It makes one wonder

out of these approximately three dozen kids (I keep losing count) how many were labeled as dyslexic, hyperactive or attention-deficit disordered. I'm guessing none and I'm not looking for a fight, I'm just letting my mind wander.


There was a real change in female hairstyles in 1938 to longer hair, rolled to have fullness at the bottom. These girls have not started to make that transition. I would place this picture around 1936 or 1937 by the hairstyles, and I see nothing in the clothes to contradict that.

Voting for 1930s

I am voting for the 1930's because my mother has a picture of her and her sister where my mother's sister has almost the same outfit and hair as the girl in the white slacks (third from the left). I know the date on that photo to be 1934.

Another clue are the shoes on the crouching girl at the far right edge of the first row. They look very 1920's. Such shoes would not have lasted as costume hand-me-downs into the 1940s.

Helping make dating this picture hard is that over half of these children are in costumes rather than their daily clothes. It seems they were doing some kind of play or pageant about the old days of gauchos and adobes and had the group shot taken specifically as part of that.

No one flipping the bird?

I guess they're a little too young for such hijinks.

Another vote for the '40s

Judging from the shoes and hair it's early 1940s. How fascinating to see a very, very diverse school photo from that time!


I see you.

Late '40s?

They sure aren't the usual bunch of glum-looking tykes school pictures back then ran to. But I'm going to say '40s because the guys' hair and clothes remind me of how guys looked in my own class pictures circa 1948 or so. I could easily be wrong.

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