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Boardwalk Empire (Colorized): 1910

Boardwalk Empire (Colorized): 1910

Atlantic City, N.J., circa 1910. "Boardwalk, Hotel Marlborough-Blenheim and Young's Million-Dollar Pier."

Dave posted this amazing black-and-white panorama in October. Someone in the comments section suggested that colorizing this photo would be a "Monumental Challenge." I couldn't resist giving it a try. View full size.

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... it must have taken forever !

Regarding time spent; I didn't really keep track but it was around 35 to 40 hours.

World's Best Wallpaper

I just set this up as triple monitor wallpaper, and it's completely mesmerizing. This is going to do absolutely nothing for my productivity today, but I certainly appreciate the effort that went into making this. Thanks!

Oh, NOW I can see Snooki

Absolutely amazing color work. Thanks for sharing this!

How is this done?

Yes, please, PLEASE tell us how long this took. I don't know how this is done, but what I picture in my mind is a monumental effort in a Photoshop-like program where practically every pixel is set to a color of the artist's choice. (Yes, if you are doing this the way I imagine it, you are an *artist*.)


Wonderful job, Dennis.

Absolutely stunning

Wonderful job ... it must have taken forever !!!

Astounding Eye for Detail!

Dennis, your Photoshop skills are amply evident in your awe-inspiring colorization of this photo! The test of greatness lies in the fact that, as I viewed your work, I believed it -- your choice of colors were, in my opinion, realistic and properly overlaid. The hues were spot-on! I had the sense that I was standing with the photographer as he took this photo. The black & white photo was awesome to begin with. The coloring you added to it made it even more awesome! Your work of art is a keeper for me. Thank you for your dedication and attention to detail in creating such a pleasing color restoration.


Dennis! What a super job. My congratulations for a job very well done. It really brings this marvelous picture to life. Awesome.

Dennis Dared!

I'm thrilled to see that Dennis accepted my "challenge." It seems as if the color suddenly opened up all of my senses to this image -- I can hear the surf, smell the salt air, and feel the breeze coming on shore.

Wondering how many hours it took to complete?

Absolutely fantastic!

Boardwalk Empire - A Monumental Challenge.

The following comment/challenge was posted by NewYearBaby on the B&W original photo a few weeks ago.

" Do any of our talented colorizers dare tackle such a sweeping scene? "

Nice to see one of our very talented colorizers answering the challenge in spades with this wonderful work.

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