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Yosemite Gathering: 1941

Yosemite Gathering: 1941

Here we see the Bliss family with friends in Yosemite. The year is 1940-41 based on the license plate to the right. The guy in the top row on the right reminds me of Richard from Boardwalk Empire. View full size.

On Shorpy:
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All grown up?

It's unusual in that time period to see a grown man (center, seated) wearing sneakers.

Oh, this is so wrong

But it must be said. "Flaps down! Prepare for landing!"


What do you think the temperature was here? There are people with coats and jackets, while others go bare chested!

I see those ears run in the family. Most prominent on the front, right fellow, but a few of them have them.

Also, that little girl is creeping me out. Her eyes are too dark!

Great time

Now this is a group that is having a great time!!!

Live Long and Prosper

No one has mentioned Mr. Spock in the first row, far right. Look at those ears.

Re That camera

The Argus C3 generally is credited for helping to popularize 35mm film because of its very long production run (1938-1966). One of the most famous photographers of the 1940s was Tony Vacarro who shot almost all of his photos with a C3, including many images of war in Europe. He developed some film in his army helmet, in fact. Google his name + images to see a few. The C3 was cheap, simple and rugged.

A Real Star

And it doesn't require time travel: behind crouching Argus guy: Miss Barbara Stanwyck.

I must need glasses

For a minute there, I thought they all fit in that one car.

Then I clicked the 'view original' icon, and noticed the cars behind it.

Another Hollywood star

No one see Tim Robbins front on the left?


Wow, that totally is Richard Harrow. I'm having Shining-style heebie jeebies.

WWII Bliss

I hope the bliss family was able to nurse that 36 Studebaker through the war

Argus C3

The squatting guy has an Argus C3 35mm camera around his neck. But you knew that already, right?

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