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Beware of Cat: 1938

Beware of Cat: 1938

September 1938. "Storefront in Altheimer, Arkansas." Lately I've been inspecting every new post for cats. I am pretty sure this has only the one. 35mm nitrate negative by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration. View full size.


On Shorpy:
Today’s Top 5

Domino Cigarettes

I suppose it never occurred to the fans of the brand, that they could save even more money by not buying cigarettes at all.

Looks like early morning

And the rodent exterminator is the first one to show up for work.

Cigarettes are the closest thing to bread

The Butternut Bread ad on the right hand door's push bar, that is, with the Avalon Cigarettes sign to the right ("You'd never guess they cost you less"). Avalon Time was a comedy variety show sponsored by Avalon Cigarettes and broadcast from 1938 to 1940 on NBC, and it's where Red Skelton began his on-air comedy career. Their promotional gimmick on the radio was that because they cost less than popular brands, the spot ended with the imaginary cashier saying, "And don't forget your change!"
Here's an Avalon poster not exactly as Shorpy's but close enough:

Some History Behind This Picture

The store pictured, apparently, was owned by a Chinese grocer. Altheimer's downtown has mostly disappeared, based on a look on Google Street View, though there is a dreary looking IGA that could be a descendent of this place. I wonder what the "Silver" place was across the street from the store.


Kitty's giving her self a nice little wash. Looks like a tortoise shell from this blurry angle.

Retro Pepper

This is the first time I have seen the throwback / real (beet) sugar packaging in the wild.


I wanted to go back to this store, but I forgot the way.

Second cat?

I think there might be a second cat under the porch there, with its foot behind its head? or is my brain just copy-pasting cats now?

[Looks like a cat to me, too. -tterrace]

I think:

I'd beware of owner.

Now I'm depressed...

Altheimer may just be the most depressing place I've ever visited via Google Maps. But the masonry building on the right is still there!

Domino Cigarettes

Domino Cigarettes were the "double mild" brand. Here's the same sign from a different photo in the same set (with contrast somewhat enhanced):

[Nice work. This is actually from the same photo I used to illustrate the comment below. -Dave]

Cat's Meow?

We have 27 "Cat's Meow" replica structures around the top of our kitchen cabinets. It look like Shorpy is getting into the business, too!

I paid for this new hat

" ... with what I saved on ______ " What? Can anyone read the rest of the advertisement?

[Too fuzzy to make out -- Something Cigarettes? This is what happens when 35mm film replaces 8x10 glass plates! - Dave]

Petticoat Junction, here we come.

This must be Hooterville. I think I can seem Sam Drucker peering out the winder -- er, window -- of his general store.

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