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Peeps: 1939

Peeps: 1939

April 5, 1939. Washington, D.C. "Children of the Secretary of War and Mrs. Harry H. Woodring were given a preview of what to expect from the Easter Bunny on Sunday. The children, Cooper, Melissa and Marcus Coolidge, are expected to roll their eggs at the White House on Easter Monday." View full size.


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Basket Case, the "dachshund" on the couch appears to be stuffed in more ways than one, considering that it has a seam down its spine.


The oldest boy in this photo died of Infantile Paralysis (a.k.a. Polio) on July 19th 1946.

I can't find much about the other two, still living possibly?


Photo taken at Woodring Home Washington DC, on December 24, 1937.

Go Harry

Based on info provided by sugarpea, old Harry was about 53 when this picture was taken. He was rather long in the tooth to be a Pop to these cuties, but I guess it happens all the time. Snow on the roof and all that.

Life and death

I vividly remember at age five learning the concept of life and death as the chicks we received at Easter quickly died after a few days. This was long ago. Giving Easter chicks was banned in Philadelphia sometime in the 1950s.

Harmonica in photo

Just happened to be there. I can't think why that would be in an Easter basket.

3 Little Angels...

The Father of these Three Little Angels...

Harry Woodring was born in Elk City, Kansas in 1887 and because of his father's financial straits he was contributing to the family income by the time he was in the fourth grade.
Woodring once said:

"The fact that a Kansas country boy could be elected governor of this great commonwealth of ours, and subsequently serve in the Cabinet of the President (FDR), is further evidence that our great democracy does work. ... A Kansas boy has dined with kings and queens, with princes and princesses, ambassadors and foreign diplomats, and has sat at the right hand of the President. Truly, a Kansas boy has seen Utopia from the mountaintops. But today a Kansas boy returns to heaven."

A real life saver

It looks like "Dennis the Menace" on the right is hiding a roll of Lifesavers in his left hand from the other kids.


That looks like one of the very ashtrays I grew up with in the ancestral terrace family abode. I still have them, and have photographed one in authentic black and white.


I have always hated the idea of giving baby chicks and bunnies for Easter because you how long they will hold the interest of the kids!!

But never mind, I loved the capture
of Easters gone by.

This is what you get

if you don't boil those eggs long enough before you color them!

Basket Case

I believe the chicks in the basket are real, living baby chicks as my grandfather used to have them sent to him in the mail when he decided to raise various chickens for a few years. Also the kids in the photo look subdued and overheated (or have rosacea) and do not seem anxious to handle these chicks. The dachshund on the couch seems to have done a little too much celebrating, I know that feeling. Happy Easter Shorpy fans and a million thanks to Shorpy creators for enhancing every day with something fascinating to me.

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