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Dave and the Duster: 1977

Dave and the Duster: 1977

The street behind my Massachusetts house in 1977, with brother Dave on the hood of my uncle's Plymouth Duster. What a great car; we all took turns driving it. Those were the days. 4x5 Ektachrome. View full size.

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That's a Scamp for sure

As someone who owns an identical Plymouth Scamp, I'll be recreating this picture when I pull the car out of storage this summer for sure.

He was

what we called a "Fox"

Ditch the Duster

I'll take Dave, thanks - you can have the Duster!

4x5 film

back then a sheet of ektachrome was about a dollar a sheet and development was 1 dollar also,,,pretty expensive for the time...i shot the film very sparingly..lucky i got so good with exposures from a luna pro light meter on incident mode,,mostly shot black and whit that i developed myself in my dads basement with the windows taped over with black cloth and i washed my film in the bathroom..not digital....

Man from Atlantis?

Sure reminds me of a young Patrick Duffy.

4x5 Ektas???

Back then I worked in a camera store and would have killed for a 4x5 camera, and a darkroom to process large format color film. Did you "roll your own"?

Thank You

You have just given me a man to dream about tonight!

Pass the smelling salts

Oh, my. Is he busy these days?

Woohoo ;-)

About time we got some hot Shorpy pin-ups for us gals!!

Ready for His Close-up

Obviously a stand-in for Dick Shawn in the film "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"

Duster, Valiant -- where's the hottie?

I DID have a Duster (don't remember if it was the first year or not). Mine did not come with a hunk on the hood. Only a husband in the driver's seat occasionally. both husband and Duster are gone. Thanks for the memories - good ones!

Behind the lens

I'm betting the photographer is just as cute.

Hubba hubba

There's a car in the picture?

It's a Valiant

The car is not a Duster. It's a 1970-72 Plymouth Valiant -- either a two-door coupe ("Scamp") or four-door sedan. The windshield is a dead giveaway; do an image search on Plymouth Duster and you'll immediately see the rounded corners of the Duster windshield vs. the square corners of the Valiant item.

They managed to screw up that car

I loved my 1969 Dart 340, but by 1979, the Dart was using Chrysler's notorious 'lean burn' system and had become undrivable.

The car

What car?

Lip fur

With a little mustache we would have a tribute to Mark Spitz.

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