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Turville Hardware Radio: 1927

Turville Hardware Radio: 1927

Washington, D.C., 1927. "Semmes Motor Co. -- Turville car, Connecticut Avenue." A Graham Brothers van in Chevy Chase at Turville Hardware. Note the Texaco gas pump next door. National Photo Co. glass negative. View full size.


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White Dot Tires

What is the purpose of the circle with white center on those Goodyear balloon truck tires?


I never would have thought that to mean "Hardware". O.K. I'm just an alien. The captions also are sometimes a bit of a puzzle to me as a foreigner: "A Graham Brothers van in Chevy Chase at Turville Hardware." Do I get it right that the "pointe" is: "a van in chase at hardware"? But then I would have expected "in chase for (or after)," so I am afraid I don't get it really.

[And I can barely understand your question. Chevy Chase is where the photo was taken. - Dave]

Second Steering Wheel

The shadows do not indicate that another car is at the curb. Who is that ghost driver?

[The other car's windshield, as well as the top of its hood and radiator ornament are all visible in this shot. - tterrace]

What a difference five years makes

Look at the Hudson Super Six at the Curb compared to the Hudson photographed in DC just just five years earlier, this one is beat to death.

Graham Brothers Truck

Pictured is a 1927 Graham Brothers panel truck showing the spare tire in place. The three Graham brothers began building trucks in the early 1920s and were bought out by Dodge in 1925.

Radio Demonstrations

Washington Post, February 27, 1927.

Lawrence Turville to Open New Store

Lawrence Turville, who has maintained a hardware and household utensil store at 5536 Connecticut avenue, Chevy Chase, will open an additional store Tuesday, March 1, at 3307 Connecticut avenue. The new store is the only completely equipped hardware store in the Cleveland Park area; a delivery service will cover the residential streets included within the territory north of the Connecticut Avenue bridge and east of Wisconsin avenue.

For several months Turville has stocked and demonstrated radio sets and sold accessories in his Chevy Chase store, a service which will be made available to the public in the new store, the stock comprising standard sets and equipment.

Tubes, tubes, tubes,

Radio Tubes and Inner Tubes all on the same block.


I like the little doggie looking out the window longing for a ride!


The Hudson at the curb's sharp body lines earned its style the title of razorback.

What's it?

The strap's interesting - wonder what purpose it served?

[Holding a spare tire. - tterrace]

Let's both drive

Instead of a "backseat driver," this vehicle has two front-seat drivers. Could it have been a driver's ed car? Or maybe just a way to keep the little woman quiet?

[The other one is in a car parked at the curb. Note that it's seen through the right-side window of the van. - tterrace]

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