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Titanic Tots: 1912

Titanic Tots: 1912

April 22, 1912. New York. Lolo (Michel) and Edmond Navratil, survivors of the Titanic disaster whose father went down with the ship. View full size. Lolo, the last remaining male survivor of the Titanic, died in 2001. G.G. Bain Collection.


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Titanic Survivor

Wanted to pass this sad note along, "Barbara West Dainton, believed to be one of the last two survivors from the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, has died in England at age 96."

That would leave only Elizabeth Gladys "Millvina" Dean of Southampton, England, who was 2 months old at the time of the Titanic sinking, is now the disaster's only remaining survivor, according to the Titanic Historical Society.
I recently finished a photo/video on the sinking ... using much information from the Society .. it is definitely a must-visit website.

Also, the youtube piece I produced is located at
if you have chance .. take a look, would love to hear your comments.


Toy Boat

Anyone find it a little macabre that the kid orphaned by a shipwreck is playing with a toy boat?

[At least it's not a scale-model iceberg. - Dave]


Jim Pence wrote: "Couldn't help but notice the toy being held by the boy on the right . . ."

Yeah, probably the only compensation White Star ever awarded these orphans...


Couldn't help but notice the toy being held by the boy on the right . . .


I was looking at these kids and wondered how much they could remember, I found this:

On the night of the sinking, Michel, Sr., helped by another passenger, dressed his sons and took them to the boat deck. "My father entered our cabin where we were sleeping. He dressed me very warmly and took me in his arms. A stranger did the same for my brother. When I think of it now, I am very moved. They knew they were going to die." Michel, Jr., recalled. The boys were put into collapsible D, the last lifeboat successfully launched from the ship. Michel Sr. went down with the ship.

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