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A Square Meal for a Nickel: 1910

A Square Meal for a Nickel: 1910

5 cent restaurant in New York's Bowery circa 1910. View full size. 8x10 glass negative, G.G. Bain Collection. What you get for your 5 cents at the People's Restaurant: Stew, Pork & Beans, Oatmeal & Milk. "All with bread & coffee."


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Tom Moore

I found an old tag with Tom Moore pure rye stamped on it. The other side has "The Palace" and "Nick and George." Know anything about it?

Golden Wedding Rye

Golden Wedding is still distilled in Canada by Schenley, which is one of Canada's larger distilleries.

Canadian Whiskey, which we call "rye" in everyday speech, isn't generally high-rye-content whiskey but some of it is.

10-Year-Old Tom Moore, 75 Cents

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Tom Moore was top-shelf - 75 cents was probably the price for a pint. Today you could pay $75 for 10 year old rye (if you could find it in a bourbon-dominated marketplace).

The Immigrant

If you've ever seen Charlie Chaplin's Mutual short "The Immigrant" (1916 or 17), then you know exactly what this place was like. (Eric Campbell not included.)

"Meat Stew"?

"Meat Stew"?

What was in that stew?!

I thought that the word before "Stew" was "Beef", but the angle on the character after the "E" makes me believe that it's neither the second "E" nor the "F" in "Beef". It looks almost like the start of an "A" or "X".

What could it have been??


Golden Wedding...

...sounds much more drinkable than Black Widow Whiskey. Thanks for saving me the eye-strain.

And the hand lettered signs are gorgeous and an artform that I've sorely missed in recent years. I can study these signwriting samples like a fine oil painting.

Hand-Lettered Signs

It is almost shocking that you can see almost the same kind of writing even these days in small Indian shops like tailors, photo studios, or even DVD rentals. Its amazing how it has not changed at all in India while others have moved on.

Bass Ale

They had me at the Bass Ale, for $1.50 per doz.

Re: Black Widow

Not quite. Golden Wedding.

Bottles In The Window....

...of the liquor store, lower right hand corner. Does the label say "Black Widow Pure Rye Whiskey?" That's got to be some quality hooch there! After all, they won't drink just any old thing in the Bowery, you know!

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