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McCollum Grocery: 1936

McCollum Grocery: 1936

Moundville, Alabama, in 1936. Photo by Walker Evans. [Update Nov. 9, 2007: This would seem to be in Greensboro, not Moundville. Although the mayor of Haleyville has another theory. - Dave] View full size.



These photos are definitely from Greensboro, Alabama. The C.A. Johnson store existed here into the 1980's, when it burned.


Which Ville?

The only problem is that it is not from Moundville, Alabama or even close by. After I found the image on the site, I excitedly told my sister, Belinda N., who lives in Moundville of the image. Although she didn't immediately recognize it, she emailed a reporter from their local newspaper and he published the image in his column. Dozens of Hale County's residents told of where the building was and history seemed to be moving along swiftly as it should. Then, they received an email from the mayor of Hayleyville [Haleyville? - Dave], Alabama. The image was of a store in his town and the store occupying it had just closed in October of this year. Having the writing on the wall proved to be the "writing on the wall"! Due to the passage of so much time it was an easy mistake to make but it should be corrected for future readers of the blog. Time blurs our recollections of the past and sometimes even the past itself, if we but let it.

[Things are still a little blurry. The caption information is from the Library of Congress Prints & Photographs division. Thanks for the info. Below is a different view of the same store. Click to enlarge. The caption here is "County seat of Hale County, Alabama," which would mean this is not Moundville or Haleyville, but Greensboro. - Dave]

Grocery Company

I love this picture. The man lurking in the doorway and the car parked in the street to the left. Wonderful!


Loftis Cafe

Curb service at the spot next door. Looks like someone's waiting for that next customer....

Mmmmmmmmm Bacon Skins.....

Mmmmmmmmm Bacon Skins.....

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