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Ballet Camp: 1924

Ballet Camp: 1924

August 20, 1924. Washington, D.C., or vicinity. "National American Ballet." Someone please send Shorpy directions to this campground! View full size.


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Ballet camp, literally

My daughter attended ballet camps for about ten years, and they were always held at universities, where they were housed in dorms or apartments. The idea of a dance camp today has certainly changed since then.

Great Gear For The Field

If the Marine Corps had issued equipment like that for the field I think I might have made a career out of it.

No speaker?

Shouldn't the Victrola have a horn or something to serve as a speaker?

[This one had an internal folded horn, facing out through the little open doors at the front. - tterrace]

Also, nice group photo! I wonder what they were listening to and/or singing.

I find the girls second from the left and dead center (both sitting) to be the prettiest of the bunch. Meanwhile, the umbrella girl brings Marilyn Manson to mind.

Cigar Box Girl

Looks like she's ready for Coachella.
She wouldn't look at all out of place either, total Hipster!

A cappella

Wait. They're singing, but the Victrola isn't playing!

Nice gams

Far left.

Crank It

Looks to be a Victrola Model VI. I've had several in my collection over the years. A great little machine and there are still plenty of them around. Beautiful quarter-sawn tiger oak cabinets.

Extremely Provocative!

This type of costume must have been extremely provocative way back in 1924! All the girls are lovely and so graceful even at a stand-still. Perhaps 'graceful' will come back in style one day, instead of all the nose rings, tattoos and leather.

[Those still aren't very common in ballet. - tterrace]

I saw her first!

The chick with the cigar-box ukulele is MINE.

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