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Party Animals: 1950

"Linda's third birthday -- 1950." Our second visit with Linda, who despite being only 3 already seems a little jaded. 35mm Kodachrome. View full size.

"Linda's third birthday -- 1950." Our second visit with Linda, who despite being only 3 already seems a little jaded. 35mm Kodachrome. View full size.

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It looks like she just got up because the clothes she is wearing look like good old Dr. Denton's.

Knocked flat by the barnyard gate!

I keep going back to this book! What a great gift for a young child. Learn your animals, appreciate great art in the process!?!
The Great Big Animal Book illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky was first published by Simon & Schuster in 1950. He was the featured illustrator for "My Little [big] Golden Books" titles: Humpty Dumpty, Mother Goose, Animal Dictionaries etc.. A few generations of children have grown up with his art!
He was a fine artist, Russian born and trained. Found his fame and obvious fortune in the United States. His work appears in fine art periodicals as well.
But knock me flat with the barnyard gate, He was also a noted illustrator of Erotic Art. His prints are listed starting at $500 plus on eBay! Russian Erotica Handcolored Lithographs!! I may have to go into therapy.


With those flushed cheeks and her expression, I can't help but wonder if Linda might be a little under the weather on her birthday. Or maybe she just woke up from a nap. Cute.

Grow up!

Thanks for the memory of baby food warmers- I had forgotten about them. I even had a little one for my doll as part of a nursery set. However- three years old is too old for a food warmer and a full bib!


i have a baby food warmer JUST like that, i used it for my last little cute.

Baby food warmers

Remember those old baby food warmers? They had a little screw top on the side where you would pour in the boiling water to keep everything warm. Today's moms have it so much easier.

[I was wondering what that was. - Dave]

Bibs with sleeves?

I'm a lot older than Linda, but my mom told me I was the first kid ever to have custom-made bibs with sleeves since I was a rather messy child who always wiped my mouth on my sleeve when I finished eating. She then requested that a talented seamstress (aunt) design a bib with sleeves after she gave up on me ever breaking that habit, so somebody must have copied her design although mine looked more like a raincoat. I finally did stop doing that when I was about 12.

Alternate take

Make a wish!

A little jaded

Good heavens, of course she's jaded! Look at that cake!

Jaded with good reason

If that was all the cake I had for my third birthday, I'd feel annoyed too! Most cupcakes are bigger than that.

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