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Prendergast Wedding

The wedding of Miss Speed to Major Prendergast. Photograph by Matson Photo Service, 1940-1946. View full size.

The wedding of Miss Speed to Major Prendergast. Photograph by Matson Photo Service, 1940-1946. View full size.


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Matson Photo Service

This was in British Mandate Palestine (the Israel, Palestine and Jordan of today). Here's a nice rundown on the Matson Photo Service.

Not Canadian

Well probably not. First, while individual Canadians were present in the area as part of British units, no Canadian forces were deployed outside of Britain until the invasion of Sicily in 1943, and certainly no Canadian military units were in British Palestine and Canadians would have worn a "Canada" shoulder flash. Having looked at the cap badge as closely as possible it doesn't resemble any Canadian Army regiment's badge that I can find (they weren't all maple leafs). It does bear a resemblance to the current cap badge worn by the British Army Intelligence Corps.

Wedding Party

His shoes are suede 'desert boots' to go with the 'tee-dubs' (Tropical Weight) uniform which would mean he is in a warmer climate.

Brassieres in WW2 used rubber based elastic which was severely rationed in the Commonwealth, both in Canada and in Britain.

He may or may not be Canadian, the uniforms were practically identical, but I can't quite decide if the hat badge and collar dogs are maple leafs or not, I don't think they are but maybe someone else can zoom in on them better.


The car is a 1941 Hudson Super Six.

That probably is the bride

That probably is the bride in the middle. She's changed into her "going away" dress, hence the picture in the street.

Re: O Canada?

It's British Mandate Palestine, probably Jerusalem.


The women don't appear to be wearing brassieres. What gives? Didn't they have them back then?

O Canada?

I suspect this is Canada, given the US car (Ford) and the "Imperial" style of uniform which is what the Canadians were wearing at the time.

Mother of the groom

I think the bride is not in this shot. The ladies to the left and right wear identical gowns, so they must be the bridesmaids. The lady in the middle does not seem to be the bride, given the fact that she looks older than the other persons in the picture and her attire somewhat contrasts that of the bridesmaids. My guess is that she must be the mother of the groom. BTW: Mr. Prendergast seems to wear a British officer's uniform (I am no expert on uniforms), but the car in the background seems to have a US licence plate on its right front (left to the viewers).The car and the architecture of the setting look American to me too. BTW2: his batman obviously forgot to shine his shoes on the morning of the wedding.

woman in the middle

OK, so who do we think the older woman between the bride and groom is -- his mother or hers? She and the bride both tilt their heads the same way, is that a clue?

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