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Surf Club: 1947

Surf Club: 1947

August 1, 1947. "Surf Club, Atlantic Beach, Long Island, New York. Beach scene III." Ever alert for signs of distress, the lifeguard must have a keen sense of peripheral vision. Gottscho-Schleisner photo. View full size.


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Big Tony

The lifeguard looks like the Chicago Outfit muscled its way into the lifeguard biz by '47.

Silver Point

The Sun and Surf Beach Club, as it is properly known as, is located on the other side of the Silver Point Beach Club. You have to go through Silver Point to get to it. As A kid, my parents rented a "cabana" (actually a large wooden closet) in Silver Point. They are the only to clubs to the right of the bridge in Atlantic Beach (the name of the town that they were located in). You had to go down Rockaway Boulevard that ran behind Idawield Airport (now JFK) to get to the bridge. I can remember the (prop) planes taking off or landing right over us as we drove by.

Hey lifeguard

Either uncross your legs or turn in your man card now.

Air Temperature 65 Degrees?

I'd say the chalkboard requires updating. That temp was probably at 7AM.

Healthy Looking Gals!

Interesting to see what was considered bathing beauties. Maybe skinny-rail-thin will run it's course and we'll get back to well-rounded natural again.

Is it Charles Atlas?

Having been an avid reader of comic books and their advertisements for my first 20 years, I see a strong resemblance to C.A. in the lifeguard and I also think I see the 97 lb. weakling about to have sand kicked in his face. When the girls join Charles in berating the skinny sap, he sends for the C.A. course and comes back a month later all bulked up and kicks Charlie's behind, and the girls go off with the former wimp. Not very nice or loyal girls if you ask me.


This objective can also be achieved by turning slightly towards bathers who may soon need assistance.

He looks like he might have tangled with a shark in the line of duty, although given the date, it was more likely of the two-legged Axis variety.

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