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Traffic-Stopper: 1924

Traffic-Stopper: 1924

"The license plate is almost as large as her automobile, but Miss Mary Bay likes her car because it is easy to park. Miss Bay is shown braving the traffic of Washington." January 29, 1924. View full size. National Photo Co. Collection.


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Love this girl

I found this pic elsewhere and wondered who was that very pretty and appealing young woman. So I tried Googling. Now I have her name. Somehow that helps.

All she needs...

Is a Shrine fez.

License plate

WOW...!! Would like to have that beautiful license plate in my collection. Let me know her phone number....

Ed from Chile

Custer Car on Hemmings

Shorpy and the Custer Car are featured on the Hemmings Auto Blogs.


I've seen lawnmowers bigger than that thing. I suppose back in those days of 5mph driving you didn't have to worry about the fact you have no protection whatsoever. Great photo, I love it.


I want that coat! Is is Persian Lamb?

She sure is....

"cute as a speckled pup"


isn't she just the cutest thing.

Air Bag

Are those her knees or has the air bag inflated?

Miss Bay's Tiny Car

She's driving a battery-powered "Custer Car." Invented by Levitt Custer, it was a popular amusement-park ride. Another photo here.

She is adorable...

...cute in a Meg Ryan sort of way, but is anyone else worried about those front wheels? Shouldn't they kinda point in the same direction?

this doesn't have much to do with the picture, but...

I LOVE her hat!

The more things change

The more they stay the same!

And Smart cars thought they were original...

Take me for a ride.... your car, car..take me for a ride in your car
take me for a ride and I'll sit by your side
take me for a ride, ride...
thanks Woody Guthrie

Not to worry

Well at least if she runs into roadside trouble she's a AAA member.

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