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War News: 1942

War News: 1942

August 1942. "New York. Chinese-American boy in his home in Flatbush." Medium-format nitrate negative by Marjory Collins. View full size.


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Republic of China

The flag crossed with the American flag is that of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Go Bums!

Once the photographer takes the photo, the young man pictured will move the dial to WHN 1050 AM to listen to the Ol' Redhead Red Barber announce the Brooklyn Dodgers game. All true blue Flatbush residents were Dodgers fans.

Au Contraire

The assertion that all the great mystery shows, cowboy programs and serials got their start at big city radio stations, such as "The Shadow" and "The Lone Ranger" and so many more, is not completely true.

Amos 'N' Andy first hit the airwaves from a small studio/station located on Milwaukee Avenue just north of Deerfield and south of Lake Forest, Illinois.

The building was later converted to a private residence that I was privileged to see in the 1960s. The location was an Art Deco masterpiece with the old studios still isolated in plate glass.

It All Fits Together

The radio, the great clock, the framed photo, the drapes, the upholstery and the antimacassar. It's one great bunch of stuff.

Tuned in

Despite having his finger on a Station Preset button, he might be listening to shortwave on the top dial band labeled C.

Not So Young

He's reading a copy of "The New Soldier's Handbook," probably not out of idle curiosity.

Lapel Intel

This fellow's lapel pin seems to be an American flag crossed with what I suppose is a Chinese national or maybe a Chinese fraternal flag. The boy looks to be 12-14 years old to me, making him in his 80's now. Oh, how I'd like to hear the story of daily life from his perspective.


was the flagship of the Red network, then one of NBC's two networks.

Antitrust actions in 1943 forced NBC to sell off the other (Blue) network, which went independent as The Blue Network and, in 1945, ABC.

The station had been founded in 1922 by AT&T, who supposedly got the call sign from the four elements: Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. It first changed to WNBC in 1946, then to WRCA from 1954-60, then back again.

RCA K-80

Radio appears to be a RCA K-80, from around 1939.

Everything style radio

Big city radio stations then were only on the AM dial, of course, and offered a little of everything for everyone. Mostly, they had news and musical programs, usually including a live studio orchestra.

All the great mystery shows, cowboy programs and serials got their start at big city radio stations, such as "The Shadow" and "The Lone Ranger" and so many more. It's how Gene Autry and Roy Rogers first sang to their horses, too.

Ming Thing

The picture hanging on the wall above the radio is of "The Temple Of Heaven" also known as "The Altar of Heaven" and is situated in a huge park in Beijing. Built in the 15th Century, it is a major tourist attraction. Attached is a photo that I shot in 2007.


He's listening to WNBC-AM 660. Imus didn't start there until the 1970s, so who knows what it was then.

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