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Batman: 1966

Adam West on the set of the movie "Batman" in 1966. From a series of photos taken by Richard Hewett for Look magazine. View full size.

Adam West on the set of the movie "Batman" in 1966. From a series of photos taken by Richard Hewett for Look magazine. View full size.

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Re: Stay Tuned

Dave, you need to finish your "Stay tuned" comment - "Same bat time, same bat station!"

BAM! POW! etc.

Were it not for this TV show, I would not know about onomatopoeia. What a loss that would have been.


The original 'comic' books' were dark and scary, but this was made as a weekly series during a gentler time then today, when we weren't always being reminded about what a dark and sinister place the world has become. Or has it?

Song Writers

I'm often unable to decipher words by today's singers although I have memorized beautiful, unforgettable lyrics from the music of days gone by, especially from WW2 through the 1970's, but the easiest words for all ages to hear and remember, even for 1 year olds, are the lyrics to this 1966 TV theme song. If you can say "Batman" then you know all the words.

I hope there are more of these!

My uncle was one of the original screenwriters of the TV show. I'd love to see more pictures, if there are any!

[Stay tuned! - Dave]

I disagree

because the original comic series WAS dark and sinister. He saw his parents murdered in front of his own eyes. The television network executives took what could have been a great program and created a joke - in very bad taste.

Hey, don't forget the villains!

As Root 66 commented, Adam West will always be THE real Batman in my book. And so will the villains that made the show so great...Cesar Romero will always be THE Joker, Burgess Meredith THE Penguin, and so on.

Agree with Root on another comment, that the later Batman movies were way too dark and sinister. I saw the first one back in the late 80s and was highly disappointed. If I had a choice I'da much rather watched the 1966 movie based on the TV series.

Even Adam West would agree. I saw a biography on him several years ago, and despite his attempts to become a "serious" actor after the show was cancelled, people always recognized him, and referred to him as, Batman. At some point he finally threw his hands up and decided he'd always be Batman.

Campy Caped Crusader

The only superhero series that set the proper tone for comic book heroes. They didn't take anything too seriously and it was an absolute delight to watch. Adam West will always be Batman to me, the others are way too dark and sinister.

From Walla Walla, Washington

When the show came out in 1966 and was all the rage with me and my ten year old friends, my mother informed me that she went to high school with Adam West in Walla Walla, Washington. My mother is about two years older than him, and Wikipedia says he left WaHi after his sophomore year, but still, that makes my mother a celebrity by association, does it not? At least, I thought so when I was ten.


I can't imagine too many criminals being frightened to death or beaten up by this dude...


The English language was enriched by gentle fights on this series.

Why, I never!

My parents share Adam West's birthyear, 1928. When the Batman TV series was on, it would never have occurred to me that he and my dad were the same age but then again, my dad never donned my knowledge.

Wait just a minute

Bruce Wayne is Batman??

This can't be the real Batman

Everyone these days knows that superheroes have grossly over-inflated pectorals.

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