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Holy Coffee Mugs!

Holy Coffee Mugs!

Batman and Robin (Adam West and Burt Ward) on the "Batman" set in Los Angeles in 1966. Who can explain the significance of the "22"? From a series of photos taken by Richard Hewett for Look magazine. View full size.

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Caterer's code

2 units (tsp's) cream, 2 of sugar.

We've seen this at Starbucks

2 cream 2 sugar

22 skidoo

As a relative of one of the script writers, I can tell you that the IQ comment is way off base.


Average IQ of the script writers?

The Real Bat Phone?

Since I am of the Batman TV show era I had fun looking up additional information. It appears Mr. West (Batman) currently lives in Ketchum Idaho, then I find the following post. I'm not sure if it's legit but I like to think that the phone company enjoys having this very special subscriber and his famous phone.

Full season

Maybe the 22 represents the first full season of the show. I know that several shows I have watched in the past had 22 or 24 shows as the number the network would order for a total of a certain season.

Lady gloves

I’ve got a pair of form-fitting leather gloves handed down from my dad that my kids mock and call my lady gloves. I’m not in any way calling into doubt Batman’s manhood (myself, I certainly couldn’t defeat the Joker, the Riddler and the Penguin), but I must say that he does appear to be wearing lady gloves.


Because the Joker stole the first 21 cups?

Robin, can you see me?

Burt Ward's mask looks like it must have been annoying. I'll bet it was difficult to look through, and rode up when he had to run, or when the wind blew. You'd think they could have sprung for a better fitting disguise.

22nd Episode?

Might have been taken during the filming of the 22nd episode of season one.


Adam-22 is ten better than Adam-12?

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