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School Play: 1940

School Play: 1940

Feb. 9, 1940. "Middlesex County Girls Vocational School, Woodbridge, New Jersey. Household management porch, horizontal. Alexander Merchant & Son, architect." Large-format acetate negative by Gottscho-Schleisner. View full size.


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"eyestrained" is right, those black shoes and long legs under the table really cannot belong to that little girl can they? Her feet, you would think, would barely touch the floor where her chair sits, let alone end up almost halfway under the table. *cue creepy music*

Future pre-school teachers

This isn't much different from classes in the intermediate and high schools, these days. My children and, more recently, my granddaughter, have volunteered to serve as students for them.

Blocks, babydolls and beads

All creative and necessary life functions for little girls to learn, but why did they give the only male the stupid peg pounder wherein you just hammer the pegs through one side, turn it over and then pound them back again to the other side, etc. etc. etc. (like how to keep a moron busy). Where are the cars and trucks and monsters and action figures? After about two whacks, any kid (even I) would get bored pretty fast with the pointless peg pounder.

A Garden State View!

With Woodbridge, NJ being my hometown, it is hard to imagine it as a rural setting. From the view out of their window, you can see things were a lot less congested! Progress?


The boy is using a Pound-A-Peg. I haven't seen one of those in over 50 years.

Tension at the Table

The steady gaze across the table, with just the hint of a smile; the sidelong glance; the avoiding of eye contact. If this were a scene from a Western, you'd know that the table is soon going to be upended.

Would you stop banging already

It looks to me like the girls are all looking sideways at the boy who is apparently banging the gavel on the table. That was probably pretty annoying.

Where's the body?

that belongs to the black shoes and ankles under the table? At first glance they appear to belong to the girl giving the sideways glance to the future judge or carpenter but perspective leads me to believe if that's the case she is exceedingly tall and her legs are out of proportion to the rest of her body.

Rubik's Cube

The little girl second from left must be named Rubik. Gotta be.

Inventor of the Pandora charm bracelet

Sitting on the right developing the prototype.

Also, why is there a boy in attendance at the "Middlesex County Girls Vocational School"?

[Um, the girls are the teachers. - Dave]

Of course, blindingly obvious once explained. Thanks!

Who let the guy in?

At this girls vocational school?

Our LOTTO game

A family heirloom I inherited, complete with semi-intact box lid. It was always around the house, back through my earliest memories, but I can't remember ever playing it. I have it stored on the bottom shelf of the same end table where it spent the 1950s.

I suppose I'm a terrible person, but --

There's something about the kids gathered 'round the table looking sideways that reminds me of a dogs-playing-poker painting.

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