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Crack Shot: 1957

"M + Jamie Wooddale 10-19-57." Our latest slide from the Linda Kodachromes. Construct your own narrative from the various cues and clues! View full size.

"M + Jamie Wooddale 10-19-57." Our latest slide from the Linda Kodachromes. Construct your own narrative from the various cues and clues! View full size.

On Shorpy:
Today’s Top 5

I know that camera...

I know that camera... it's a Kodak Pony 135. I own one that used to be my grandfathers.

"A Cottage Apart"

"Aunt Vera was the most-loved of her entire generation, among our extended family. Although none of us could quite point to the reasons, we (me, my sister and all the cousins) would rather have an invitation to visit Aunt Vera and her roommate Edna at her lakeside 'lodge' than a jet rip to Disneyland. Aways seemingly cantankerous, Vera and Edna were the most accepting adults any of us had ever encountered, not matter what issues we presented them with. Though we never knew the circumstnaces, they took in Charles after his falling-out with his family, before he joined the State Department, and Maude when she apparently needed help deciding to become a softball coach at Vassar."

On the set

of David Lynch's next picture.

Mushkoday Farm

The ski brochure in the gun rack. Click to enlarge.


Floyd R. Turbo's interior designer explaining how to get that cottage look for the man in your life.

I'll bet

that there's another hat on the peg behind her, and I'll bet that it's a Stormy Kromer.

Abject horror-

A photo taken at the exact moment when Jamie's dog first noticed the mounted dog's head on the wall.

Camera case

A couple of my dad's Leicas have those cases.

"This photo better be flattering"

"No really, I'd better look like a million bucks, and my little Dog too, get my meaning." (Picks up rifle, strokes it lovingly.)

The elegant and seldom-seen

Mrs. Elaine Fudd enjoys a cigarette while eagerly awaiting the return of her husband, who has promised her a dinner of wabbit stew.

One thing is Certain

This has to be an example of one of the worst wallboard jobs I've ever seen! Why waste money on full sheets of wallboard -- no one will notice piecing a few scraps together.


I think that "camera" case is a binocular case. My father had something similar.


Looks like a job by the 3 Stooges Paper Hanging Company.


Can anybody identify the camera there based on the case? My first thought was an Argus C-4 or C-44, based on the color of the leather and the contrast stitching, but I don't think it's exactly correct.

My boitday!

I was born elsewhere, but this woman had other plans. I suspect the outside of this building was painted a dull oxblood red. Obviously a happy and welcome hunting lodge.

It looks so lifelike!

Intrepid dog hunter, bagged many a wild spaniel before her sad demise from lung cancer.

L.L.Bean Catalog, 1957

Is anyone else reminded of an old L.L.Bean catalog? This photo has everything: sporty apparel, guns, dog, camp furnishings. Those hats on the rack look like something L.L. himself might have worn.


Wanda, the wicked veterinarian of Wooddale, offers Jamie a final cigarette...

"Pour yourself a scotch

and grab a chair, Ernest is fly fishing on the Two Hearted River but he should be back directly."

The Long Happy Life of Margot Macomber

Thirty years after the hunting "accident" that claimed the life of her late husband Francis, Margot Macomber is still a crack shot and practices weekly at the local range. She would like to go after big game again, but has found it exceedingly difficult to find hunting companions since her return from Africa.

Nice Grouping

Three more shots and it would be a bullseye!


Hunting lodge. Also, don't mess with her or her dog.


Trying desperately to place Eleanor Roosevelt in the storyline of "The Open Window"!

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