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Straw Bed Shack: 1909

Straw Bed Shack: 1909

Circa 1909. Straw beds and footlockers in shack occupied by berry pickers. Anne Arundel County, Maryland. View full size. Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine.


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Itchy itchy!

Itchy itchy!

Cramped quarters

This reminds me of when I went sailing for a week. When space is limited, you just put things anyplace. I felt like I could get nothing clean because we had limited cleaning stuff ... We hated being below deck and kept very busy or relaxed on the deck.

I don't think people "hung out" inside. They were out, scrappin' for survival. Who had time to be neat and tidy? That's what wives, mothers and daughters were for.

A greatful heart

I forget to be very grateful for what I have. Life now is so much cleaner, softer, prettier, better.It's a real shame that people have filther minds, harder hearts, uglier attitudes. I wonder if I slept here what would life be like. Would the work load be so unbearable that I would have longed for a better future. Someone tapped their foot at me in the ladies room. Did this insane sickness occur then too. I think that survival was mainly what people had on their minds. Now we think I need to get more stuff . To the point that we have became an enslaved people. That's why it's called MASTER CARD .Would the people of old think that we are out of our minds for giving up so much of our personal time and freedom so that we can charge more stuff. It's a crazy world. Still a sad place.


There's no way to put a good face on this. This does look like very fleabag lodgings.

[More like a henhouse! - Dave]

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