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Mary Tyler Noir: 1963

Mary Tyler Noir: 1963

Another glimpse of Mary Tyler Moore, a.k.a. Laura Petrie, on the set of the "Dick Van Dyke Show" in 1963, photographed by Earl Theisen for the article "America's Favorite TV Wife" in Look magazine. View full size.

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Let's see

Bubble-flip hairdo

Cakey eyeliner

False eyelashes


Yup, it's 1963!

Am/FM Stereo

I remember in the early 60s, a neighbor got a new FM stereo receiver, and my father bought his AM/FM stereo receiver. Stations could broadcast one channel on AM, the other on FM; the receiver had two independent tuners. It fed one signal to the connection for the right speaker, the other to the left.

[That was the only way to transmit stereo until 1961, when compatible, multiplexed FM stereo was approved; that permitted stereo broadcasting on one FM frequency. There were also early stereo TV experiments using the TV audio for one channel plus a simultaneous broadcast of the other by a radio station. -tterrace]

High Pitched Sexy 60's

The Petries--Such an attractive, model early 60's couple. I watched this TV program as a kid and I will never forget or forgive Ms Tyler-Moor keening "O Rob!", constantly.

More Than A Beautiful Face

As is fairly well known, Ms. Moore made her series TV appearance as "Sam", secretary/switchboard operator, on "Richard Diamond, Private Detective". Her face never appeared on screen, but her beautiful gams did.

MTM's very first appearance, according to IMDB, was in 1952 as "Happy Hotpoint" in a commercial on "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet". [The final episode of "Ozzie and Harriet" aired September 3, 1966.]

Rings a bell for me

tterrace, I had a like thought. It sure looks like something from my early years.


These were the early days of FM stereo radio broadcasting, approved by the FCC in 1961. My brother was an early adopter, and I was able to play around with his three-piece table model that the one on the shelf back there looks a great deal like, but probably isn't.

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