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You Loser: 1941

You Loser: 1941

      The next entry in this curious series of photos from the Office of War Information archive, taken by Arthur Siegel in the summer of 1941 in Detroit. We're now well into the subset of pictures bearing the notation "This image in jacket marked 'Killed'."

"Detroit, Michigan. Girls playing cards and drinking Coca-Cola." View full size.


On Shorpy:
Today’s Top 5

Not Texas Hold-em

More like Detroit Loose-em


The gal to the left seems to be a definite loser in this game. She's lost her stockings since the last installment as well. I noticed the garment on the chair to her left in this photo, and was thinking they might be the nylons in question. However, in the last photo she is still stockinged and placing something on that chair. One of the comments on the last photo mentions her shirt buttons. Could she have replaced her bra in order to remove her shirt for this hand? Shenanigans!

Like they say in the newspaper

"Alcohol may have been a factor."

Coke's secret formula must have changed

Coke worked better back then.


Is that you?

Photo series

And this photo is number five of how many?????

Table Stakes

"No, Ma'am, we do not accept personal checks or IOU's -- but I took a fancy to that blouse."

Just Strip Poker?

Well, someone is losing, right.


Sorry for the lowbrow comment, but ... I like where this is going.

Are there any,

you know, um, later photos in this series?

Pull the shades, lady!

Those strange mesh curtains certainly don't offer much privacy.

Good heavens!

Egad, Shorpy is becoming unsafe for work!

The apparently disrobing woman's left land is grasping her bra, and I love the expression on the face of the gal in the middle!

The look

That look on the face of the woman in the middle is priceless. I also have to agree with the previous commenter that something more than just Coca-Cola is being consumed here. I can't wait for the next installment.


Well, THIS series of pictures has taken an interesting turn!


(following the progression of the series) that it would come to this!

The shoes on the table in an earlier photo were a dead giveaway of the debauchery to come! LOL

Beginning to Believe

That Rum was involved, lots of Rum.

Where is?

a time machine when you need it?

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