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Where To, Mister?

Where To, Mister?

November 1942. Salt Lake City, Utah. "Training women to operate taxicabs." Photo by Andreas Feininger for the Office of War Information. View full size.


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The Temple

The building outside the window is definitely the Temple, not the Assembly Hall. Here's an old image of Temple Square showing both buildings: Temple at right, Assembly Hall on far left. My guess is the photo was taken not far from where that wagon is parked on the center bottom.

Sorry -- It's the SL Temple

This is definitely the Salt Lake Temple. You can tell by the battlements seen at the top of the windshield. You can also see the bulge of the Tabernacle just to the right of her chin peeking above the Temple Square wall. She is driving north bound on Main Street, having just passed through the South Temple intersection. This area is now a controversial pedestrian mall between Temple Square and the LDS Church Headquarters complex.

Out the window

The building seen outside her window is not the Temple, but the Assembly Hall. A smaller building on the opposite corner from the Temple on the walled block known as Temple Square.

She's driving a Dodge

The shield emblem in the middle of the steering wheel identifies the cab as a Dodge.

That's Entertainment

Attached is a publicity photo for the MGM 1949 Musical "On The Town". Betty Garrett played the woman cab driver, seated next to her Frank Sinatra, behind him Gene Kelly and the the 3rd Sailor, Jules Munchin. The film was a huge hit. Ms Garrett was married to the actor, Larry Parks (nominated for Best Actor in "The Jolson Story" also a Mega Hit), who admitted before the House Un-American Committee that he had, for a few years, been a member of the Communist Party.That ended his blossoming movie career. Again in 1949, the Quartet of Garrett, Sinatra, Kelly & Munshin starred in another MGM Musical "Take Me Out To The Ballgame".

Out the window

You can see the LDS Salt Lake Temple through the window, the most popular attraction in Salt Lake City. Obviously the photographer wanted to shoot in a recognizable and beautiful location. The taxi driver is quite pretty too, wonder who she is?

Taxicab training, lesson one:

Jaunty cap angle. Check.

Mopar for the Course

I think that's a Dodge crest on the hub of the steering wheel.

Women Taxi drivers!

Next thing you know they're going to think they can build Airplanes or something.

Reminds me of

... my favorite musical "On the Town", music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolf Green, in which a woman taxi driver is a main character.

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