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American Bandstand: 1959

American Bandstand: 1959

        Shorpy wishes you a Rockin' New Year!

1959. "American Bandstand emcee Dick Clark with teenagers on the set of the show." From color transparencies by Phillip Harrington and Howell Conant for the Look magazine assignment "Dick Clark Talks to Teenagers." View full size.

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American Bandstand!

There are many American Bandstand clips on the web like these...

This person has documented some of the AB programs:

Here's Justine & Bob"interviewed (second half):

It was so cool hearing a song played on the radio and then tuning into Bandstand to see that group preforming the song!

A music concept like this could prove to be successful were they to replicate American Bandstand! Except that most songs now days are impossible to dance to and difficult to understand the lyrics.

Happy New Year Shorpy & fellow travelers!

Justine ?

I wonder if the blond girl is the girl named Justine, who was a regular on the show.

Focal length

Four young hopefuls end up in very soft focus. Big break, indeed!

Vim and vigor

They were the constant companions of the teens of that era, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with all good things happening in America and the best time of our lives. The music was fresh, lively and innovative, the cars were shiny chrome and spectacular, the clothes were cool and new and the economy was prospering. It was the best of times, so why would we not be happy and exuberant? Little did we know the time would pass in the blink of an eye (it really does) and before we realized it, soon we would be waiting for roll call from the grim reaper. Happy New Year everyone. I'm crying in my beer.

New Year's Eve

All you have to do is compare Dick Clark's New Year's show to the nauseating CNN Cooper/Kathy Griffin show to see how far our standards have fallen. Dick maintained his standards of class to the end.

Just as I Remember It

Doesn't seem as noticable these days, but back then boys looked like boys, yet girls looked like young women.

Never changed

He never looked a day older.

Happy New Year!

to Dick Clark, who I'm sure was emcee of a heavenly show last night.

And to Shorpy, Dave and ALL readers of this blog!

Peace! Prosperity! Health! Happiness! and Love to ALL.

Dick was thirty-something

in this photo, but still remained the world's oldest teenager.

Love the bokeh!

Wow that is very well done!

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