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Deadwood: 1890

Deadwood: 1890

Circa 1890. "Altitude. Part of Deadwood, South Dakota, as seen from big flume, showing steps, stairways, and roads from store to residence." Photo by John C.H. Grabill, whose studio can be seen at bottom right. View full size.


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Deadwood Water Tank

I think that long structure above the town is a water tank: it's a logical location for one, the top of the structure is quite level, and you can see the trace of the supply ditch coming in from the left.

Pioneer Days in the Black Hills,
By John S. McClintock, 1939.

While the Boulder Ditch was under construction Judge Barron, an aged attorney, conceived a plan of locating a water right near the head of City Creek west of Deadwood. This he did and diverted the stream to a water tank or reservoir overlooking the town on the northwest side, and proceeded to furnish a portion of the town with a fairly good quality of water, although there was both a dairy and slaughter pen in one of the draws above.

Top of the picture

What is that long structure at the top of the slope?

+124 years

To position yourself properly in current Deadwood on Google Maps, search for Berg Jewelers, 650 Main, corner of Gold, and that's the Grabill photo studio at the bottom right of the 1890 photo. Moving to the left, south along Main St., you'll pass Lee St., with banks on both corners in 1890. The Big Horn Store (Wholesale Liquors) with 7 windows on the second floor, is now Goldberg's. Along with many other buildings, the church above the Big Horn sign is still there: St. John's Episcopal, on Williams St., north of Shine St. (If you're wondering about all those motorbikes in the Google shots, that would be from the annual motorcycle rally in nearby Sturgis, celebrating its 74th anniversary this coming August.)


In this day of modern plumbing, it is interesting to note all of the out-houses.
Thank goodness for toilet paper on a roll, the greatest invention of the 20th century.


This just reminded me how good the HBO Series "Deadwood" was. It was a short run for a hit series. There were 30 some odd episodes for the 3 year schedule. It ended abruptly and left many loose ends. The cast is now about 10 years older so I don't think new shows would work, not that HBO is going to do it.

Quite a bit remains

'Big Horn Store Wholesale Liquors' is now called Goldberg's.

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So Inclined

As an ex-mailman I can honestly say I wouldn't want to deliver to that route. Unless they never got snow.

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