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Looking Sharp: 1914

Looking Sharp: 1914

1914. Whanganui, New Zealand. "Employees of Thomas Mitchell Ltd., Butchers." Glass negative by by Frank J. Denton of Tesla Studios. View full size.


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Good lads one and all

But we all know who the four most loyal employees are.


Well I don't know anything about early 20th century butchery practices in the remote corners of the Commonwealth, but I will observe that everyone holding a knife is wearing leggings/gaiters. I'd guess that the leggings people are employed in the messier, blood-splatterier areas of the company.

Well-fed Canines

I suspect the dogs are an integral part of the cleaning crew.

Another pooch located

Look at the left arm of the man holding one of the dogs. There is another dog with only his head showing.

Presumably not ingredients

The dogs seem to have specific roles at the shop. The one on the right is dedicated to exemplifying relaxation irrespective of surroundings, while the other two have been assigned to keep watch for unholy things erupting from the earth. Apparently, one is just about to.

have you

ever seen such a happy and contented looking group of workers from that time period?

Dress Code

What a crew! Does anyone know why some are wearing tied on (poor man's) leggings, while others are not? Also - The dude standing third from right, what kind of cap is that and where do I get one?


I'm just glad the young man on the right in the front row does not live next door!

Canine Cutlets

I sure hope the names of those dogs aren't Beef, Pork and Chicken.

Proves it.

Cleanliness is next to dogliness.

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