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Pole Position: 1923

Pole Position: 1923

Washington, D.C., 1923. "A.W. Leonard." National Photo Company lensman "Artie" Leonard chasing a shot. View full size.


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Wifi up here?

Looking at the thumbnail, I thought he was seeking signal with his laptop...
Would like to see what he was shooting!

Hang on Tight....

I don't see anything that looks like a lineman's safety belt. Without that he has to be holding on to the pole and the camera at the same time. At least the pole is equipped with foot spikes.

I bet climbing up and down even with the pole's foot spikes would have been an adventure while carrying the camera. Manipulating the film holder and dark slides would have been interesting to watch.

Speed Graphic

Looks like an early 5x7 Speed Graphic. Those are fairly rare these days and still fetch good money, several hundred $ at least. Far less common than the typical 4x5 Speed Graphic.

First attempt at using a monopod?

First attempt at using a monopod? How do you fold it up?

Occupational hazards

This photographer really went to extremes to get a "money shot". Is there any clue as to what he was photographing?


Don't try this at home.

The use of box cameras can be extremely dangerous.

Steel toed saddle shoes?

I see he is equipped with all the safety gear of the day-none!

I cant help but wonder what his lens subject might be? Perhaps a lineman on another pole in some publicity shoot for a power company, or Ma Bell?

Or maybe he is just getting as close to eye level of a new wall sign or something?

Dave, might there be another pic in a series to go along with this one that might tell us more about what he is aiming at, or is it a solo shot of Artie?

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