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Jackson Street: 1936

Jackson Street: 1936

April 1936. "House at 437 North Jackson Street. Milwaukee, Wisconsin." Photo by Carl Mydans for the Resettlement Administration. View full size.


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There are no drinking fountains in Milwaukee

They are called "bubblers" here

Just around the corner from Frinzi's Meat Market

This scene in the Third Ward would have been just north of the corner of Detroit St., now E. St. Paul Ave., and N. Jackson St. It was a stone's throw from Frinzi's Meat Market. I agree with tcrosse: the "L" in "Milwaukee" is never pronounced by natives.

Oh ... no. Milwaukee with an 'L' for sure

Having lived there for 50 years ...

Now if you want to talk true Milwaukee-ese, then you want to talk about the place "where the streetcar bends the corner round. Aina?"

(Aina possibly being a contraction of "ain't" ... or "isn't it so.")

It's funny how these pronunciations grow. When Wisconsin was in the Rose Bowl a few years back, Keith Jackson began pronouncing the state name as if it were "Wesconsin."

It's stuck. You hear it more and more now. And "Miwaukee" - sans "L" - would have driven my grade school teachers to distraction, though I hear it from time to time, especially in the land of the Flat Landers, south of the state Border

A propos of nothing

If you pronounce the L in Milwaukee it means you're from someplace else.

[What about people who write "apropos" as two words? - Dave]

Either is correct. The French original got anglicized to one word.

All gone

Now occupied by a highway overpass -- such is urban progress.

Half tone parking

The 1929/30 Chevrolet coupe blends with the surroundings, but the Essex needs some dust and dirt.

Halftone parking

The 1929/30 Chevrolet coupe blends with the surroundings, but the Essex needs some dust and dirt.

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