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Sun Belt: 1937

Sun Belt: 1937

January 1937. "Deerfield, Florida. Migrant agricultural worker from Oklahoma." Photo by Arthur Rothstein for the Farm Security Administration. View full size.


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A familiar face

Looks like Richard Widmark is taking a break from the film set today.

Picks More Than a Guitar

Some good eyes here. He's well set up for playing a guitar or banjo, but if you'll look closely at the pinky on his left hand you'll notice that he can also pick his nose ambidextrously. Nothing is more frustrating when you find that you've broken your only pinky nail and you need to scratch that itch or do a little cleaning out. And having two increases the angle options for doing same.


Many times Shorpy pics remind me of past events, people and places. This man's face and expression brought me back to sometime in the early 60's. I had stopped and parked to get a burger and beverage at a drive in and park, Sonic like place. A guy that looked like our subject in the photo was leaning on his car playing a guitar. A drunk came up to him and all that I could hear from the "stewed" man was "I'm not afraid of you". I saw our guy slowly put his guitar down and next thing the drunk was lying on the ground knocked out cold.


And they are mild!

Admittedly, one tough image, except for the extended pinky. With earth-shattering events just over the horizon, one wonders how he made out.

Follicularly Envious

Even years ago when I had that much hair I didn't have that much hair.

Tough Guy, Yes

But he always keeps his pinky up when smoking.

Guitar Man

Right hand fingernails long for picking, left hand trimmed short for fretting.

Tough Guy?

Those are mighty long fingernails for a fieldworker! Bet he has a night job with a banjo.

The Glowering Inferno

And keep your cotton pickin' hands off my cigarette!

Tough Guy

Belt to the side, studs on the belt, leather wristband, sneer, and the cigarette. James Dean before James Dean.

Great shot

Oddly long fingernails for an agricultural worker.

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