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Glamour Shot: 1947

Glamour Shot: 1947

New York, 1947. "Showgirls get the needle. Dancers from Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe nightclub being vaccinated by Dr. Jack Weinstock." New York World-Telegram and Sun Newspaper Photo Collection. View full size.


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Dr. Weinstock...

Looks a hell of a lot like then-senator from Texas Lyndon B. Johnson.

Diamond Horsehoe rises again

The nightclub "Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe" used to be in a cellar space of the Paramount Hotel on 46th Street in NYC. Up until last year the nightclub space was not being actively used and lay dormant since Billy Rose's day (early 1950s at the latest, I think). A NY real estate investor recently bought the hotel, renovated the Diamond Horseshoe and installed a new state of the art commercial kitchen and bar with it. The Horseshoe is now quite the thing again. If you google "Diamond Horseshoe" some recent reviews of the renovated space will come up in the NY Times etc.

Succeeding in business without really trying

One of the co-authors of the book on which the twice-revived musical "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" was based, was a Fifth Avenue doctor named Jack Weinstock. Same guy, perhaps?

Hey mister!

"That won't make a scar, willit? That's my income you're pokin there!"

A pinch now will avoid them later

I didn't know there was a vaccination against mashers, cads and stage door johnnies.

Making medical history

There's quite a story behind these vaccinations, one that has little if anything to do with showgirls. Early in 1947 a man who had been in Mexico returned to New York and developed a fatal case of smallpox. It was the city's first case of the disease in many years. Federal and city health officials started a massive vaccination campaign, and in less than a month managed to vaccinate more than _six million_ people. Thanks to this huge effort there were only a handful of additional cases, only one of which was fatal.

For some reason

I had to view it full size.

I'm No Doctor, But...

I'm pretty sure vaccinations are supposed to be administered a bit higher on the thigh.

I Suppose

....that a leg is much easier to hit with a needle than an arm, or perhaps that is pure fabrication.

Why the leg?

I'd think that's the last place a dancer would want a scar?

Bet you will get this comment a lot

"It's a tough job but somebody has to do it."

Later That Evening

Dr. Weinstock returned home to discover the bedroom door locked and his pajamas tossed on the couch.

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