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Red Crown Gasoline: 1927

Red Crown Gasoline: 1927

Northern California circa 1927. "California State Automobile Association Official Mechanical, First Aid and Towing Service Station." Offering Emergency Road Service and Red Crown Gasoline. 6½x8½ inch glass negative originally from the Wyland Stanley collection of San Francisciana. View full size.


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Those were the days

When gas stations were rigged liked sailboats. I am trying, unsuccessfully, to understand the purpose of the pole/pulley/cable rig on the side of the building, which apparently opens a second story window.

[The pulley is exactly like those on the poles at the end of my mother's washlines, each of which extended from a window, one in the kitchen, one in the bedroom. -tterrace]

Thanks, tterrace, makes sense to me now.

Red Crown Valve Caps

Never too late to get some.....

Red Crown tire valve caps

In the early 1950s Red Crown service stations gave or sold red tire valve caps in the shape of their Red Crown. I really, really, really wanted two for my bicycle, unfortunately I could never find a service station that had them. One of life’s bitter disappointments.


Here in Canada, our affiliate with AAA is CAA, and I work for the Alberta CAA (Alberta Motor Association) formed in 1926. This is our 1926 tow truck, used in a lot of parades.

Fill 'er up?

Those glass-cylinder pumps may have their charms, but it's worth considering that they made it unworkable for a motorist to say "Fill 'er up" because that would likely leave the fuel level in the glass somewhere between graduations, necessitating guesswork as to the quantity delivered -- as well as confusing matters for the next customer. And, of course, ordering fuel in even-money amounts (as opposed to by-the-gallon) was out of the question.

[Or maybe not. Below, from - Dave]

        The measuring sticks inside started out with zero gallons at the very top, where the cylinder's overflow was set, and the numbers progressed by gallons to the bottom of the glass. The customer paid for the displaced gallons by reading the measuring stick on the inside of the cylinder. The cylinder was then topped off at zero for the next customer. At closing time, fuel in the cylinder was drained back into the underground tank.

Car (formerly) ID

Jordan. The Jordan emblem has a small arrow head pointing down on a white background, qv.

Law & Order, Siskiyou County

I believe that area is favored by the FBI for relocating newcomers into the Witness Protection Program.

Balanced gasoline

Nebraska, 1921.


At Bray, a dot on the map in Siskiyou County up near the Oregon line.

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