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Bathing Beauty Parade: 1927

"Long Beach, California, Bathing Beauty Parade -- 1927." Panorama by Weaver, Los Angeles, rearranged into two tiers of Jazz Age pulchritude. View full size.

"Long Beach, California, Bathing Beauty Parade -- 1927." Panorama by Weaver, Los Angeles, rearranged into two tiers of Jazz Age pulchritude. View full size.


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Playing Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda

I turn this panorama of pulchritude into a delightful desktop image and have enjoyed playing my game and being amazed at the varying degrees of beauty shown here from the dainty miss to bored housewife to party girl to genuine beauties in any century to a few ladies I would ask to marry me if that were possible.

Sweet 16

Miss Smith was born in 1911 in Lansing, Michigan the daughter of Thomas Jefferson 1870-1948 and English born Ada Evans 1876-?, (married August 1st 1894, Flint).
I can find her in the 1920 census in Lansing and in 1930 in Glendale CA, but after that I am not sure, there is a 29 year old Ada L Green married to a James A Green living in Dearborn MI working as a waitress on the 1940 census
I hope someone (if they really want to) can do a bit better detective work than me.

Photo bombs...even back then!

Someone was getting an eyeful in the background!

Deja Vu

Another reminder of how bathing suits evolved from the styles of 1900-1910 to 1927, though some 'retro' models can be seen. Motley Lovelies.

Fun with Textiles

Not that 1920s swimwear is my area of expertise or anything, but I was surprised to see such variety in their swimming suits! There are a lot of great patterns there--and it's definitely one time when it would have been fun to see what they looked like in color.


Bathing suits and high-heels.
Never could figure that combination.

My pick of the bunch.....

top pane, bottom row, six in from the left.
She just looks like a fun happy young lady. All natural. Just love her hand position.

Oh! One more thing...

Ada Smith was 19 in the 1940 census, so you can probably do the math here.

[She was 6 in 1927??? -tterrace]

Whoops! I meant 1930. I tried to find her in 1940, but she most likely married her surname away (not that 'Smith' is a fun name to track people with), though her parents were still in Glendale at that point.

Miss Glendale, 1927

Otherwise known as Ada Levinia Smith, as per an article dated August 27, 1927 in the San Luis Obispo Daily Telegram and the Sept. 15, 1927, Torrance Herald, the latter of which is actually online and oddly ties this set of shots in with all the old California car shots we've seen of late on Shorpy.

[Click to enlarge. -tterrace]

no chair climbing for me, thanks

The girl in the back row, straight up from the "A" in "BEAUTY" looks like she just couldn't get situated on her chair in time. But posed gallantly nonetheless.

To Bob or Not to Bob?

It looks like more aspiring bathing beauties were inspired by Mary Pickford than Louise Brooks in the hairstyle department!

[Marceled moreso. -Dave]

What Beauty!

That should have been a question mark since one of the bathing beauties looks like she could be in a Halloween Parade.

Bottom Picture, bottom row 5th from the left.

[Is that a challenge to the colorists amongst us Catherine? - baxado]

Betty Boop?

The young lass, perfectly placed in the center of the middle row in the top panel, could have been the model for Betty Boop -- who made her appearance a few years later.

Who knew

That Vampira was ever in a beauty contest!

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