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Lands End: 1925

Lands End: 1925

1925. "Overland at Lands End and Lincoln Park golf course." Latest entry in the Shorpy Showcase of Extinct Automobiles. 6½x8½ glass negative from the Wyland Stanley collection of San Francisciana, scanned by Shorpy. View full size.


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Echoing "More Extinct Cars" Plea

While you're at it, please give us some Moon autos manufactured in St. Louis.

A memorable phrase

My father often repeated the story of Norwegian/American neighbors of his youth in Northeast Minneapolis, who were proud owners of an Overland. What my father repeated was their frequent boast, "Ve can't dress up on Sundays, but ve can drive Overlands, though." I heard this from my father almost every Sunday as our family, all dressed up, went out the door on our way to church.
The "Overland" smoke stack was still standing in Toledo, Ohio when I drove through there a couple of weeks ago.

A Complex Genealogy (Somewhat Simplified)

Overland + Willys = Willys-Overland --> Willys.

Kaiser-Frazer --> Kaiser.

Kaiser + Willys = Kaiser-Willys.

Nash + Hudson = American Motors (AMC).

AMC acquires Jeep upon demise of Kaiser-Willys.

Chrysler acquires AMC, murders same, becomes step-parent of Jeep.

Mercedes-Benz + Chrysler = Daimler-Chrysler, which, after divorce, dallies with some holding company, then "merges" with Fiat.

So, your Viper may contain a screw or washer originally designed for the Overland pictured!

More Extinct Cars Please

The range of extinct auto brands is remarkable. Please continue to showcase these vehicular dinosaurs. Do you have a photo of a Michigan?

[Rest assured that there are more (many more!) of these in the pipeline. As for a Michigan, we'll see what we can do. - Dave]

Extinct Too Late (Driver not the Car)

Adolf was lucky to fulfill a condition of his parole by securing a job as a driving instructor, but still he yearned to be among the real artists back home.

Left arm straight...

Head down, knees slightly bent. Bring club head straight back and...


&%$#*@ !!

Back seat driver

You just played golf last weekend; let's get going......

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