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A Dickey Christmas: 1919

A Dickey Christmas: 1919

        The globular tree, the unhinged affect, the undercurrent of barely suppressed rage -- yes, it's our annual holiday missive from the family of Washington lawyer Raymond Dickey, limned with a festive filigree of mold. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.

"Dickey Christmas tree, 1919." National Photo Co. glass negative. View full size.


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What do you mean?

Smile? I am smiling.

Marklin Ship

Actually the ship is a Marklin USS New York. Count the rear portholes at rear; in the picture there are about 6, the other ship proposed has nine visible.

Meet the Dickeys

Doing a quick Google on Raymond Dickey, I found that there was a Raymond R. Dickey who was a political intimate of William Casey, late head of the CIA and a "Republican Party Stalwart". He died somewhere in the second half of the Twentieth Century (one of the sons?) Also there is a J. Raymond Dickey (grandson?) still practicing law in the Washington area.

The doll fits in with the family well.

The eyes have it.

Good and Evil

The younger brother's Christmas prayer is that his evil sister and her voodoo doll will leave home and never return. While their older brother, Emilio Estevez, keeps his distance from this entire clan huddled beneath the Griswold family Christmas tree.

Unanswered prayers

Kid at center: "Please don't let the mold eat me like it has the rest of the -- oops, too late!"

Obviously a lawyer ahead of his time.

He and his family are already thinking "This will eventually be Public Domain".

Happier than they look.

I would bet they aren't nearly as gloomy as their pictures suggest.

Clearly this is a family that loved Christmas enough to get a tree that all out of proportion to the room, decorate it haphazardly and have the most unflattering portraits made of themselves.

This is not the picture of a rigid, organized, disciplinarian father with an iron fist.

Dickeyensian Christmas

They may well have been the most pleasant of families, but their consistently disturbing Christmas portraits always seem to hint at some dark, Stephen Kingesque, ongoing abuse; something along the lines of "Sybil."

Well of course they're upset

Thats a Marklin "La Dague" Steam powered Torpedo Boat worth between $18,000 and $20,000. And someone has already broken off one of the smokestacks. I would be upset too!

Children of the Damned

I think the younger Dickey boy is attempting to will them out of yet another Dickey Christmas with yet one more rotund tree. Judging from the molecular disturbance around Dad and Sis, I think his efforts at quantum phase-shifting just might be working. We'll know for sure when the gunboat disappears.

It's Not Christmas Without The Dickeys

Always look forward to the latest Dickey Christmas picture. If someone made a book of all the pictures I would buy it. They intrigue me, despite their gloominess! I would love to see what they looked like smiling. I read they lived at 1702 Kilbourne NW in Washington DC, it can be found on Google Street View. I wonder what it looks like inside there now.

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