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Polychrome Pulps: 1942

Polychrome Pulps: 1942

This is my colorized version of this Shorpy original. I used a number of sources within the vintage magazine collecting community online to find color images of all of the covers included. All covers are colored accurately with the exception of "Super Sports" which I could not find. I was able to find a number of other issues of "Super Sports" but not the one featured in the picture. I used those as references in an effort to guess at the colors as accurately as possible. View full size.

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Thank you!

Thank you for all the work you put into this.


Just amazing. Great attention to details. I find when I am colorizing I find details I didn't see at first. The beauty is in the details.

Splendid Job

Another tedturner classic! Hats off to you for another in the very long line of beautifully crafted photos!


Great work! i saw that photo show up amdI was tempted, but found the research daunting. Well done.

Where were you when I needed you?!?!?!?

This is a lovely piece of work. As mentioned, the brass and wood are particularly nice. May I also say this kind of work isn't easy to do, and especially to do this well.

So back in the late (pre-Photoshop!) 1980s, when I was struggling to determine computer color sep procedures for Marvel Comics, WHERE WERE YOU GUYS?!?!?!

I had to consort with Scitex guys.

Awesome Job!

That must have taken quite a while.

Not just comics

Even the door and brass kick-plate are great.


Appreciate the research you did for accurate colors. I'd love to have a print of this one!

Beat me to it

I had started but got sidetracked. Ted, you are either retired or have a lot of free time.

The Glass

Looks even more like real glass.

Shorpy magicians

I had to add my jaw-dropping admiration to the talented Shorpy members who share their time and talents in colorization. Even the background details receive their notice, from the Cola sign to the brass plate and hinge on the door. The past is made new again, like magic. Well done!

The Magic Touch

Excellence !
Well done.


Gobsmacking! A tour de force, Ted. I'd love to see a higher resolution version, if one exists. Many thanks for the time travel, sir.

Absolutely amazing

You really brought this photo to life!

Great Job!

Thank you for taking the time to colorize this. I thought of doing it myself, but it would not have come out looking this good.

Color Me Stunned

Just stunning.

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