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Shower Scene: 1948

Shower Scene: 1948

Los Angeles, 1948. "Shower ends Lex's non-acting day that includes lifting weights, punching bag and many other exercises." From photos by Maurice Terrell for the Look magazine assignment "Lex Barker: Princeton-Bred Tarzan." View full size.


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Anyone remember this film?

Lex: On those second floor lintels between the lally columns, do you want we should rabbet them or not?

Cary Grant: [blank stare] the second floor lallies?

Lex: Second floor lintels between the lallies.

Cary: [Confused] Oh the lintels between the lallies....

Lex: Yeah, from the blueprints you can't tell. You want they should be rabbeted?

Cary: [More confused] Uh...No, no...I guess not.

Lex: Okay, you're the doctor. Hey fellas! You got any of those rabbeted lintels set, rip em out!

[boards start falling from overhead]

Cary: [shouting over the noise] It sounded less expensive to say no!

[Me! Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House from 1948. -tterrace]

According to Lana Turner's daughter Cheryl Crane,

Who had no reason to lie, and whose mother divorced him because of it, this virile specimen is a brutal child rapist. That's no secret so I don't know why this site would continue posting imagines of this monster.

[Cheryl, whose accusations came out in a tell-all memoir published years after Lex Barker died, gained notoriety for stabbing her mother's gangster boyfriend to death with a kitchen knife when she was a teenager. Regarding Lex and Cheryl, it is possible to read about their lives and form an opinion different from yours. In any case, third-party righteous indignation is a powerful and empowering emotion. Let it fill your sails! -Dave]

Aw, Lex wasn't so great --

I could look just like him if I didn't look just like me.


Lex is so hot he would tempt me to switch teams!

Trend setter

Showering in a towel, now everyone will be doing it!

Nom de guerre

Maurice Terrell you say? Seems rather Lieutenant Whitman-esque to me.

Shower loincloth

Versus jungle loincloth. With Virginia Huston (below) in Tarzan movie #3 of 5, Tarzan's Peril (1951).

Great googly moogly!

This photo beats the one of the guy washing his car. Keep 'em coming!

And an excellent piece of photography and lighting too.

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