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Meet the Yardleys: 1970

Meet the Yardleys: 1970

        UPDATE: Our garden party is on Bontecou Road at Lilburn Drive in Stony Point, New York. While a number of you independently arrived at the correct answer, Johnny Yuma was first. Clapclapclap! Tell us how you did it.

An unlabeled Kodachrome from the same batch of slides as young Stephen, fast-forwarded to what seems to be around 1970. Who'll be the first to Street View this split-level suburb? In the meantime, pull up a chair. View full size.

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This picture is a big hit

I shared the Yardley pic on the Stony Point FB page. Of course, before long people who actually knew the name of the Happy Hour family started posting and sharing memories about the neighborhood. Seems that barn up on the hill (Stony Point is extremely hilly) was the starting point for some serious daredevil sledding. Can there possibly be more shots from the area in the batch? Hope so!!

Raised Ranch City

In 1962 my family moved to Stony Point, NY. into, yes, a raised ranch just a hop, skip and a jump from this very neighborhood. In those days just about every new development in the 60's in Stony Point consisted of raised ranches (with an occasional split level) erected rather rapidly on what was once revolutionary era farmland. When we arrived one only needed to dial 4 numbers to telephone within the town. The town was transformed between 62-70, and that soon ended. Judging by the length and style of the dresses on two of these women, I also think this is more likely the late 60s.

Five o'clock somewhere!

I applaud the Shorpian sleuthing efforts here, and I especially applaud the Yardleys for the getting the party started so early in the afternoon!

Party Bottle

Magazine advertisement, Schaefer Beer, 1967.

What is it?

Behind the "Corvair house" up an incline or hill there appears to be a single home. What the heck is that appearing between it and the "Corvair house?" It appears to be a possible rock formation, but it looks as if it might have a door in it.

[The door or opening is in the lowest portion of that structure on the hill. -tterrace]

Clue possibly solved?

Just registered as not only do I find this site fascinating, but discovered where the picture was taken (and itching to post my findings).

I tracked down the house in the background as No.3 Lilburn Drive, Stony Point, NY. The "Yardleys" quite likely lived at 30 Bontecou Road.

3 Lover's Lane?

I thought it might be Lover's Lane, but couldn't figure the number. Maybe it's 3 Lovers Lane?

Better screenshot

Here's a current shot including their house.

Found it!

They are in Stony Point, NY.
The split foyer's address is 3 Lilburn Drive.
The house they are at is on Bontecou Road.

30 Bontecou Road, Stony Point, New York

I do believe this is it. I found it using different letter combinations with the clue you provided. Took about 15 minutes to hit the right one. Google maps did the rest.

Sing along

Schaefer is the one beer to have ... when you're having ... more than one!

The Yardleys

Two months prior, they were the Snowdons.

Possibly 1967

The cars in the street appear to be 1967 Chevrolet models. The mostly hidden car looks like a '67 Impala SS and the convertible with the top up could be a '67 Chevelle. The Impala body style was new for '67 and the Chevelle was new for '66.

Raised ranch

Don't know about the architechtural style of the other houses (can't see enough of them), but the house with the Corvair in the driveway looks like a "raised ranch," also called a "split foyer."

Parents, mother-in-law, wife

Stephen's looking a little worse for the wear, alas.

Are we having fun yet?

It will take more than a few of those Schaeffer beers to get this party started. Maybe a little music, a few jokes and invite all the neighbors over. (BYOchair). So far we have only one smiler.

I love

... everything about this picture. From the old man's socks to the beer glasses (and the bottle of Schaefer), to the dresses to the split-foyer house across the street. The tray, the chairs, the ... everything.

Temporal Location

I think the year could be 1967. The gold convertible in the background, with the black top, is a 1967 Chevelle, and the gold car in front of it looks to be a '67 full-size Chevy. There's also a red early Corvair convertible (it looks like a '62) with optional bumper guards parked in the neighbor's driveway, and what looks to be some kind of Mopar parked next to it (maybe a '65 or '66 full-size Plymouth).

A clue?

Hard to see on my work computer, but it looks like there's an address over the garage door of the house on the left. (Whose owner had excellent taste in cars!)

[Blurrily I say to thee: "Three Lxxxburn Drive." - Dave]

To Heck With Ralph Nader

I'd love to have that red first-generation Corvair convertible in my driveway. Hopefully it's a four-speed turbo Spyder.

Late in the Decade

I'd bump the year forward a bit, to '68 or '69, judging by the polyester doubleknit and slingback shoes. Also the car next to "Stephen" is probably a model year later than '65. The younger man could conceivably be Stephen, at the age of 31 or 32. Definitely the first warm day of spring, though--an occasion worthy of pearls!

The Date?

First warm day of Spring!

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