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Crafty Kids: 1930

Circa 1930. "No caption (President Hoover with boys and girls at White House)." Who can help us fill in the blanks? National Photo Co. View full size.

Circa 1930. "No caption (President Hoover with boys and girls at White House)." Who can help us fill in the blanks? National Photo Co. View full size.


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Woodworking Competition

The Department of Commerce sponsored a nationwide woodworking competition for children up to the age of 17. Each state would be broken up into regions. Regional winners would then be judged against each other to crown a state winner. Each of the state winners won a trip to DC to meet the President.

Described in this article article from 1929, the contest supposedly ended in February of 1930.

This was still the time

when children dressed like mini-adults.

Orphanage Group

Hoover was an orphan at age ten perhaps this group is from an orphanage.

Herbert Hoover

The Herbert Hoover Girls and Boys Club??

Child welfare

Herbert Hoover was instrumental in supporting child health and protection during the depression. A conference was held in November of that year promoting this effort. The clothing looks like it could be during cool/cold weather, most of the people are wearing heavy coats. I'm thinking this could be a photo op held in support of this conference.

Erector Set

Looks like some kind of competition to challenge these youngsters' ingenuity. The young man to President Hoover's right has a nice looking monoplane. However it looks like the young man on the far right may have taken the prize for his Erector Set bridge and perhaps the young lady with the dollhouse furniture shared a first with him. Although that Spanish galeon or Viking ship is a true work of art if built from scratch.

Robert Downey Jr

or is it Senior, in the center nattily dressed holding an airplane

Thank you Mr. Hoover!

Say what we will about his economic policies, Herbert Hoover was the first president since TR to invite persons of color to the White House socially. And unlike Roosevelt who did it only once and wilted under ferocious criticism from segregationists, Hoover did this repeatedly. President Herbert Hoover effectively ended the social color barrier at the White House.

We all stand together- separately

This looks like a national home handicrafts competition. Building things for yourself was a valued skill 100 years ago. The magazines of the era were full of articles that taught readers to build toys, tools, furniture and much more.

The young man on the right is holding a trophy. I wonder if he won it for the steel truss bridge at his feet?

It's not surprising to see the young blacks on one side and Caucasian on the other. It is pleasing see that they were included.

Yard sale!

1600 Penna Ave.
Sat 10 - 4
No early birds.

The Young American Society of...

...Homemade Toys Makers. Or: ...Remarkably Odd Hat Wearers.


Dead center is Benjamin Button.

We have a winner!

My vote goes to the kid who built the galley.

Social Division

Anyone else notice the racial segregation here?

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