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Fender Bender: 1933

Fender Bender: 1933

Washington, D.C., 1933. "Front of wrecked automobile." Nitrate negative by Theodor Horydczak. Who can locate the intersection? View full size.


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Process of elimination

If you look closely at the photo detail I posted earlier, the cross street cannot be I (Eye) St. These old signs centered the street name between "St" and the quadrant. "I" would be too far to the left to be centered.

I st is EYE St in DC

Source: Visited my daughter and noticed this.

My first thought was "E" but could be "H"

Car ID

1931 Chevrolet

I St NE? NW? SE? SW?

So the cross St is I Street because in DC, 1st street is spelled First. The next clue is the street we are on has a median. I St NW has a wide street near farragut square but the park does not show in the picture. I St. SW crosses a wide street at 7th but it curves and I dont see the Jefferson Middle School Building

That leaves I St NE and SE both of which cross Capitol
but those areas have totally been changed and rebuilt or torn down.

My guess is I St and Capital NE.

A lead, if not an answer

The street sign to the left of the car seems to say E (or possibly I) Street. The car itself appears to be on a boulevard with a very wide median, or where the street in the foreground intersects with the street visible at left at an acute angle a block or two down the road (behind the wreck).

Unfortunately, I'm not finding any locations that fit the bill.

Might be 1st and H

I looked at Google Maps. Looks like it night be First and H Street.

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