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Tractor Expo: 1922

Tractor Expo: 1922

October 1922. Washington, D.C. "Fordson tractor exposition at Camp Meigs." National Photo Company Collection glass negative. View full size.


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Changing the Subject!

Note the nifty coat the lady is wearing just by the tent toward the right. Multi-layered elegance, quite chic.

Belted power

Flat belts are made with the ends of the belting fastened together by a clinched metal piece, which has a pin to remove for easy hookup or to store the belt compactly. I was told that the half twist helped to keep the belt on the pulley.

Re. drivebelts

Jim/Rapid Response: Reverse bends: Reverse bending increases the flex fatigue of the belt reinforcement fibers. If a serpentine belt path is inevitable, be sure to use idler pulleys at least 30% larger than the smallest diameter pulley in the system. (

Leather belting is to be placed with the hair or grain side
next to pulley rims. (Machinery`s Handbook)

A belt would have to made with the half-twist. Don`t believe
they`re made that way.

Drive over belt

No jacking involved, you simply drive over one leg of the belt loop & then position/align tractor & belt.

Well if we're going to nitpick

They seem to have misspelled Centrifugal.

Drive Belts

Should have a half-twist to wear both sides evenly, Mobius-strip style.


Nice line up of new coupes in the background, all with suicide doors which the Ford coupes offered starting in 1920 til '23. Ford brought them back with the '32 three window coupe and all '33-4 cars. An old friend of mine said they didn't call them suicide doors back in the day but Seymour (see more) doors because when you opened the door for your date there was a chance of seeing more of her legs than with the normal door.

Right Next to the Hoyt Clagwell Display

Oliver Wendell Douglas would be proud.
I like the wash basins protecting the lights on the tank.
Also need to be careful installing the belt on the tractor...must have had to jack up the front wheel.

Behind the Seen

The pump isn't lifting the water the length of the pipe but only the difference between the water lever inside the tank and the top of the pipe.

[However, the water lever level isn't been seen. -tterrace]

Good tractor, bad pump.

Interesting that the $80 centrifugal pump in the foreground has the water outlet in the middle of the casing rather than tangentially. Think figure 6 or hairdryer / turbocharger shape. Well known principle even in those days. That one is not a very good design at all.

[If only you had been there to guide them. - Dave]

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