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Firing Squad: 1925

May 29, 1925. "Central High Rifle Team." Rumor has it these girls are loaded. National Photo Company Collection glass negative. View full size.

May 29, 1925. "Central High Rifle Team." Rumor has it these girls are loaded. National Photo Company Collection glass negative. View full size.


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To Bill Landau - for right-handed shooters, the bolt is on the right. The left hand supports the rifle while being loaded, then the finger returned to the trigger area and the rifle repositioned at the shoulder.

My High School Jr. ROTC had a shooting range in the basement. I was somewhat surprised, but pleased, to learn from a current student that the range is still in operation, and the Rifle Team is doing well.

Not Now

In 1965 I was a member of a Junior ROTC Rifle Team in Detroit, MI. Each Monday my twin brother would pack up his Winchester model 52B and I would pack up my Winchester model 75 and take them with us on the PUBLIC (not school) bus to our high school in downtown Detroit. Our rifles went immediately to the ROTC armory/rifle range and locked up. On Friday we made the trip home on the bus with our rifles.

Will never happen again.

Not on the left

It does not look like the bolt is on the left for either of those rifles. On the left side rifle that is not the bolt handle it is the safety. On the right side the bolt is missing but you can see the cutout where the handle would go.
As a side note in light of todays fear of guns. A friend of mine (now 55) took his rifle to class when he was in Jr High and High School so he could go hunting after school. He just leaned it against the wall in the corner.

Righty wrongy

Traditionally, normal right-handed people shot bolt action rifles with the handles on the right.

Left-handed bolt handles are for left handed people:

Rifle Club Transportation

Our HS had a rifle team and rifle club. On days when a rifle was needed, kids on the school bus would carry guns in and later take them home.

The good shots were on the team.

Mistaken identity

I think people are mistaking the safety tab for the bolt charging handle on the rifle on the left. Both rifles are for right handed shooters.

Re: The Good Old Days

I was thinking the same thing. We also had a rifle team, and an after school trap shooting club as well. On the days we shot, everyone brought their shotguns and shells with them to school and left then in their lockers. After school we'd all go down behind the football field and shoot until dark. What a difference 40 years makes.

Bolt on the left

The bolt should be on the left. A righty would have her right index finder on the trigger, work the bolt with her left hand.

The Good Old Days

I can't imagine that happening today, people are so uptight about firearms these days. Todays youths and adults for that matter are scared to death at the site of firearms.

[Not to mention the sight of them. -Dave]

The good old days.

We also had a rifle team in my H.S. also back in 1960. Imagine trying to get one started today.

The Bolts

I have one of those model 52's. The bolt has been removed from the rifle held by the young lady to the right. The safety for the rifle on the left is engaged.

Missing Bolt

No wonder the girl on the right looks unhappy. Someone removed the bolt from her rifle. Maybe she threatened the photographer?

Proper gear

Love the necklaces.

Straight Shooters

These young ladies appear to be holding a nice pair of Winchester Model 52's. The Model 52 was the "go to" rifle for competitive rimfire shooters for many years.

Posh Arms

Guns are early Winchester Model 52s. First class target rifles.

Spicoli's Van

Looks like the upper middle and right side just got out of it.

A Pair of 52's

Looks like they are holding a pair of Winchester Model 52 target rifles. The Model 52 was and still is a highly sought after rifle.


Either those are special rifles for left-handed folk, or the picture is backwards. The bolt appears to be on the left side of the rifles.

[Which shoulder are their recoil pads on? - Dave]

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