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Electrify Your Kitchen: 1940

Electrify Your Kitchen: 1940

Prince George's County, Maryland, circa 1940. "Electric Institute of Washington. Cameo Theatre, Mount Rainier lecture." Reddy Kilowatt wants you to Just Say No to coal and gas. Safety negative by Theodor Horydczak. View full size.


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Are you Reddy?

My childhood best friend's dad was an electrician. He had Reddy Kilowatt on the side of his work vans. It was only many years later that I learned it was not original to him. Still, Reddy is the best utility mascot ever!

And the kid

looking back at the camera thinks...I thought there would be a double feature, a cartoon, a chapter in the latest serial, news of the world, previews of coming attractions and popcorn.

Been a long time

I thought poor Reddy was just about dead. I haven't heard much from him in a long time. Interesting to see his early incarnation during his heyday.

Peppy Flame

was not amused by any of this.

1940 Jumbotron

A mirror.

They clean up nice

Hey Dave, I went to the LOC site to find the original, so I could read the whole caption on the sign on the right (it is, "Give the Favorite... Give Frigidaire"). Your version is nice and bright when compared to the original, even if it isn't the highest resolution.

Thanks for posting Horydczak's work. Sure, a lot of it is mundane (like pictures of houses in the D.C. area), but some of it rises to the level of art. I've enjoyed his work ever since it was first posted on the LOC's American Memory site, over 20 years ago.


Stop blocking the footlights with the plants.

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