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Cuppa Joe: 1940

Cuppa Joe: 1940

San Francisco circa 1940. "Joe DiMaggio and friend pouring coffee in restaurant kitchen." Prequel to this curious image. 5x7 nitrate negative. View full size.


George Thierbach, America's "Mr. Coffee" of 1940

Aha--solved it! Arcadia (CA) Tribune, 21 March 1940. The picture's caption solves the puzzle; Googling Mr. Theirbach turns up a bit more for the curious. TWELVE cups daily--wow!!!

[Excellent, thank you! -tterrace]

A possibility

Having lived in San Fran from 1962 until 1966, I enjoyed lots of seafood at Fisherman's Wharf and at that time, there was a DiMaggio's Restaurant owned and operated by Joe's uncle and cousins that has since (long ago) gone out of business. It had nothing to do with Joe, but one night, very late, my spouse and I were there for dinner and they were closing up the place, not even a half dozen people remained, and who do you think came in, alone, to visit with his family, tanned like a coffee bean, dressed impeccably and elegantly in a very sharply tailored suit, shined shoes, hair perfectly groomed and striking in his handsomeness? Yes, it was THE Joe DiMaggio and he was very polite and gracious to the few people who were still there. We got his autograph, for my son, on one of their menus but like everything else in my house I cannot find it. I do know it is here somewhere though and this is a true story. I have been told that the many current restaurants around the U.S. with names like joe dimaggio's , etc. are not family-owned or connected to Joe in any way.

Joe's Watch

Any vintage watch collectors out there? What type of watch does Joe have on? Hamilton? Waltham? Elgin? Can anyone identify it?

Joe's Bro

There seems to be only one picture of him online, but "Joe's friend" is, almost certainly, his brother, Tom.

[Doesn't look much like Tom DiMaggio. -tterrace]

Hmmm.... further investigation shows this to be Tom Laird, a noted sports writer. It was, confusingly, tagged as Tom and Joe DiMaggio. This photo was taken about 10 years after the coffee pic. He does bear a striking resemblance to the mystery man.

[No he doesn't. Tom Laird had a big cleft in his chin. - Dave]

Not related

As to it being Vincent Marotta? Maybe, but I wonder about the time/age issue.

[Mr. Coffee inventor Marotta was sixteen years old in 1940. -tterrace]

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