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Safety Stutz: 1927

Safety Stutz: 1927

San Francisco, 1927. "Stutz Vertical Eight with Safety Chassis." The so-called "Safety Stutz" featured four-wheel hydraulic brakes and wire-reinforced, supposedly shatterproof glass -- just the thing for cruising in the rain on bald tires. 5x7 glass negative by Chris Helin. View full size.


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Stutz Hood Ornaments/Radiator Cap

A nice view of the hood ornament/radiator cap. Stutz hood ornaments were made from 1926-1935, they were solid quality on a period chrome over brass cap.The original ones like this one are marked: S.M.C. Co. of America Inc.; Indianapolis, Ind. Feb 2, 1926. It was designed by Aurelius M. Renzetti and D. Carlton Brown; des. pat. 69360.
Attached is a cropped picture of this one, along with a couple of pictures of one of the hood ornaments today.

1929 Plymouth

My Dad bought me a 1929 Plymouth to drive out on his grain farm in south Saskatchewan. It had 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, that much I know for sure.

My 1930-30U Plymouth

The last time I checked a few weeks ago, my car still had its 4 wheel hydraulic brakes, just as it (and all other 50,000 1930 Plymouths) have had since their manufacture, a well documented safety & selling feature touted in their magazine advertising and dealer brochures.

The Plymouth

Was not produced until 1928, at which time they all came with four wheel hydraulic brakes. All Chrysler cars,from their beginning in the mid 1920's, were equipped with four wheel hydraulic brakes. Perhaps Manalto was thinking of Fords, which had mechanical four wheel brakes until 1939.

1927 Stutz survivor

At this link. Looks pretty much identical. I love all original unrestored cars. I never knew about this "safety glass" before seeing this on Shorpy.

Pre roof gutter days

At least the driver's elbow won't get wet on rainy days thanks to those spiffy side window awnings.

Rear Wheel Drive

I agree with the hazard bald tires present, but the rear tires have good tread. Fortunately, the Stutz was rear wheel drive so this fellow has the traction where it's needed.


Four-wheel hydraulic brakes in 1927 is well ahead of lowly Plymouth, which didn't have that feature until 1935.

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