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Rustic Rustler: 1950s

Rustic Rustler: 1950s

"Russel at cabin" is what's written on the slide mount, one-l Russel and all. Taken at Running Springs, California. One side of a Stereoscopic Kodachrome from a thrift store find. Looks like the mid-1950s. View full size.

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The white discoloration

The white discoloration is not "salt" aka table salt but it is "a" salt in the generic chemical sense. It is known as "efflorescence" and it is the migration of a "salt" to the surface of a porous material. It is common on brick; the salt may have been in the water that was used to mix the mortar holding the bricks together or the lime in same. It was probably coaxed out of the brickwork by steam from the stove, perhaps calcium chloride or calcium sulfate. It is fairly common on brickwork. Sometimes and over time it can get to be largish crystals.

The stove?

Can we get a closer shot of the brand name on that gorgeous stove? Looks like it dates from about 1930. It's a beauty!

[There's a closer view here. -tterrace]


Hanging up above the counter, are exactly the same as the ones my niece bought last year

Brick seepage

Do any of you know what would cause the white discoloration around the edges of the brick behind the stove? Is it salt?


Looks like a hefty wishbone hanging over the counter to dry. We've never wasted a chance for good luck hanging every wishbone we get. Should get another big one this Xmas.

Russel looks happier now

Actually, much happier than he did last time we saw him.

Rustic Rustler

I was able to identify this boy, and posted it, but subsequently, the person who posted the photo asked me to remove the last name for privacy reasons. So I have respectfully complied.

Frosty Fridges

Our fridge always looked like that when I was growing up. Years later I saw a fridge with no ice and found out that ice-covered was not the norm, and could that massive counter be made of California redwood?

Same thoughts here about the freezer

I laughed when I viewed the photo - the big reason is that even though having an energy fridge the small chest across the from has ice so large I joke and tell people it is the ice berg that sank the Titanic.

Burly Bungalow

This "cabin" is built like the old mills here in New England. Look at the countertop and the beams and supports around it. I'd like to see the rest of it.


Keeping it for good luck?

Wanted: Defrost

That fridge definitely needs a defrost. Badly.

On the other hand, quite a few greens in there. I see tomatoes (well, "greens"?), a lettuce, what could be an endive or Chinese cabbage. Somehow I suspect that those are not the objective of this youngster.

I also like the combination of coffee grinder (start your morning with a workout!) and coffeemaker.

By the way, the beams do look a bit more substantial than the usual two-by-fours.

Freezer Burn

I hope the Rustic Rustlers parents defrost that freezer soon.
Before there's no room for anything but the ice.
But I'm sure they did so.
Some 60 odd years ago.

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