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Happy Birthday: 1926 (2017!)

Shorpy Is 10!

        A happy Valentine's Day to all on this,'s 10th birthday. (Where has the time gone?) We'll celebrate with a stroll down Memory Lane, just as soon as that pot of coffee is ready ...
Washington, D.C., circa 1926. "Cake for Mrs. Orme." Who ordered it for her daughter Violet's birthday. National Photo glass negative. View full size.

Shorpy Is 10!

        A happy Valentine's Day to all on this,'s 10th birthday. (Where has the time gone?) We'll celebrate with a stroll down Memory Lane, just as soon as that pot of coffee is ready ...

Washington, D.C., circa 1926. "Cake for Mrs. Orme." Who ordered it for her daughter Violet's birthday. National Photo glass negative. View full size.


On Shorpy:
Today’s Top 5

Happy Belated Birthday Shorpy.

Have I been here that long! Thanks for everything especially the memories.

Happy Birthday Shorpy!

You're the best.

No one reads these comment titles, do they?

It's hard to describe the impact you have had on my daily life, Dave and tterrace -- stress reduction, wonderment, education, imagination.
I've had so many meaningful moments on Shorpy, but two stand out:

1) Being fascinated by the member photo from 1908 of a group of Bensonhurst Baths lifeguards, pursuing its background to the member's genealogy photo blog, and finding that one of the lifeguards (her grandfather) married a woman from our small town here in the Midwest. We connected and I was able to find and photograph and send to her the house her grandmother grew up in here; the Shorpy member now lives far away in western Canada.

2) The wonderfully fulfilling moment when one of my member photos was posted on the main page! My life was thus complete!

Thank you, Shorpy Higginbotham, for inspiring Dave to bring us such joy. And thank you to Dave and tterace for your diligent work for these 10 years!!

[Five years in my case. -tterrace]

Thank You Shorpy

Really enjoy the site!

Happy Birthday, Shorpy

Thank you for this great site Dave, I love looking at the old photos.

Congrats to Shorpy!

On an internet full of copycat websites, Shorpy stands alone as a truly original and unique product (and my favorite, too!).

To digress for a minute back to Violet Orme, I must say she must have been a very good girl to earn not one, but two different cakes in 1926!

Everybody Sing.....

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday Dear Shorpy,
Happy Birthday to You....
And many more!
Three Cheers:
Hip-hip Hooray!
Hip-hip Hooray!
Hip-hip Hooray!

10 Years Already?

My how times fly. The range of eras covered, and sheer variety of images has been a huge treat. Thank you for a "perfect ten".

Start to the day, and then some

As with so many others, I too start the day with Shorpy. Then I dip into it at work, and I go back in the evening, as well. What a great place to be. I've been a Shorpster for only about half of the ten years, and that's my loss. Thanks hugely to Dave and tterrace for your hard work and persistence.

One of my favorites!

Congratulations on your Birthday! I've been here for 8 years and 27 weeks with you. Wouldn't miss it for the world. Thanks and keep up your GREAT work!

Happy Birthday, Shorpy!

Shorpy, you ARE my coffee in the morning! My cup of Joe that starts every morning. Dave, here's to many more cups. Thanks.

Happy 10th Shorpy and wishes for so many more!

My last stop each evening, using your photo time machine, to look back to those who preceded us. A true treasure! I'm so glad I found you! Happy birthday!

Like we say in Brazil,


Shorpy Is The Best

I don't what I love best about Shorpy besides the photographs. Dave's often droll picture titles (you slay me Dave), tterrace's erudite comments or the stories shared by the Shorpyites. I am not going to choose. I am going to continue to love it all. Thank you Dave for taking the time and effort to maintain a site that brings people together.

Putting another candle on the birthday cake

Happy Day, Shorpy! For 8 years, 29 days you have been a good companion, every day sharing and receiving. And to the folks behind the curtain...thank you.

Civil Society

Thank you, Dave, for running one of the most civil, informative and well moderated comment sections on the Internet. Even your corrections of a guest's misunderstanding or error is done with gentle wit. It is too rare these days.

To the commenters: I am heartened by your knowledge and life experience along with your desire to share what you know. I learn something new every day.


A place to slow down and enjoy the past. Much appreciated.

You get my brain in gear every morning

A day without Shorpy is like a day without sunshine. You give me something to think about, talk about and write about. Don't ever go away and thank you and yours and your followers for your generous sharing of photos, comments and love on your Valentine's Day birthday. Stay just the way you are.

That's 47 in Internet years

Happy Birthday!

1 human year = 4.7 Internet years

First thing...

It's the first site I visit in the morning. Thanks for everything. Happy Birthday!

All the Best!

Thank you for all of your hard work and Happy Birthday Shorpy!!

Happy birthday and thanks!

Dave and tterrace, thanks for all the fun and info and for letting me participate. Without you and your site, my world would be much diminished.


10 will get you 20

But, by then, you're gonna need a bigger cake! Thanks for all you do.

A huge Happy 10th Birthday!!! to Shorpy

And wishing it multiple 10s more.

Happy Birthday!

Thanks to Dave and tterrace and all the others who have contributed to make this site a daily stop.

Happy Tenth Birthday Dave and Shorpy!

This is a bright spot in my daily life.
You bring me so much joy with these morning picture treats.
They go so well with my coffee.

Small slice, please

I haven't posted much or for long, but I've been here for most of those years. As for others, this is an absolute must-visit for me daily.
Happy birthday and thank you.

Home is Where the Heart is

And for eight (I'm a bit slow on the uptake) of those ten years, Shorpy has been my Homepage!

Here's to Many More

A very Happy birthday to Shorpy. My day would not be complete without a few visits to Shorpy.

Happy Birthday Shorpy!!!

Still my favorite site. Please don't change a thing and keep on posting. All the best.

Has it been 10 years?

Happy Birthday Shorpy! How time flies. Pretty soon you'll be a teenager; that ought to be interesting. For the last several years, my first stop of the day as well.

Happy Birthday, my first stop of the day

Thank you for this site, it's my first stop every day!


Worth a thousand words ...

Hardly a day goes by without Shorpy publishing a visual treasure worth the proverbial thousand words.

These images are more than simple nostalgia -- they are a reminder that our world was made by those who preceded us. Perhaps it can help remind us of our obligation to those who will follow.

A thousand "thank-yous".

Happy Birthday Shorpy!

Excellent site. Keep us going for another 10

Happy Birthday!

Thanks so much!

A fine first decade

I've been following Shorpy for 9 years and 4 weeks, and my only regret is that I missed those first 48 weeks. Happy birthday to my favorite website!


Who knew that a little boy from the coal mines would do so well in this world of Cyberspace?

Happy Birthday!

Thanks, Dave, for 10 great years of absolutely fabulous images from the past, I have enjoyed every bit of it!

Happy Birthday Shorpy!

Shorpy is one of a handful of sites that I pull up as soon as I sit down at my computer every morning before starting work. I really appreciate the work it takes to keep the site going. Thanks and here's to the next 10 years.

Save me a Rose..

Happy Birthday Shorpy.

Let the celebration begin!

A very happy Anniversary/Birthday to Shorpy. A large thank you to Dave for having the idea and knowhow to present Shorpy photos for the rest of us to enjoy. Another tip of the hat for Dave's witty remarks, often containing learning experiences. And thank you to tterace and others for their contributions.

Happy Birthday, Shorpy!

So glad you're here.

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